Wine Storage Room Additions

Wine Room Custom in Progress HKC 7-28-11Wine storage room additions and home remodels are taking on a new spin for HK Construction and San Diego home owners looking to enhance their home and lifestyles.

The Southern California lifestyle is often depicted with sunsets by the beach, around a cozy fire and sipping award winning wines from favorite vineyards.

One of the options that HK Construction offers in unique home remodel ideas and experience is in converting existing bedrooms, living rooms or family rooms into a space designed for recreation and entertainment complete with a custom wine room and tasting area.

Custom Room Remodel into Wine Storage HKC 2011 v3Empty-nesters and wine connoisseurs love the idea of having an area to relax in of good f in year round for the  enjoyment of good friends, good food and great wine.

Remodeling and converting rooms into wine storage rooms includes details such as:

  • Custom Woodworking and Cabinetry
  • Custom Wine Rack Systems
  • Custom Cooling
  • Custom Refrigeration
  • Custom Lighting & Tile Work
  • Glass Wall Systems

HK Construction is a San Diego General Contractor that has experience in this type of home remodel. Talk to HK Construction about how you too can either convert an existing room into a wine storage area or add one onto your home.  Email or call for a consultation.

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