Plumbing choices to consider when remodeling your San Diego home. CPVC Pipes vs. copper, steel and others popular water piping materials.

Plumbing choices to consider when building new construction or remodeling your existing San Diego home. CPVC Pipes vs. Copper and Galvanized Steel for water piping.

For many decades, metal (in the form of galvanized steel or copper) was the only piping available. Today, CPVC systems are most often used in new construction. Using CPVC pipe for home water pipes eliminates toxic metal contamination that other metal pipes cause. Additionally CPVC eliminates the certainty of contamination in your drinking water that comes from metal pipe corrosion.

CPVC is safe water pipe and is compatible with other plumbing systems. That’s why it’s so popular in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, and for the replacement of a failed copper or galvanized steel system.

Galvanized Steel

DO NOT use galvanized steel pipes for water. It will corrode and fail, guaranteed! And it won’t take too long to fail either. Galvanized pipe has less than a 5 year life span. You’ll find this type of steel pipe was common in homes prior to 1980. Since then newer and better piping materials are available. Copper was popular back then too. But steel was a lower cost option so unfortunately that’s why lots of people chose it over copper.

Is CPVC Better than Copper?

It depends on the application. CPVC is a “polymer” or plastic and has greater heat resistance and better impact strength than conventional PVC. So CPVC will not corrode, as copper can do. Additionally, it will not induce corrosion elsewhere, as copper can do. However, Copper may be more sturdy than CPVC once it’s installed; it withstands earthquake conditions (plastic pipes may not).

Copper pipes are fire resistant. Copper’s high melting point is 5-times higher than CPVC’s, so it can withstand much hotter temperatures, both internal and external. So basically, CPVC is great for low pressure and low temperature drinking water. Copper is better for high heat and higher pressure situations.

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