Turn Your Vaulted Ceiling into a Loft Conversion

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In Southern California, there are many homes that were built within the last 20 years that were built with very high ceilings and vaulted ceiling rooms. These large under-utilized open spaces are costing home owners a fortune in heating and cool bills. All this open space is also lost usable square footage of living space.

In most of these homes, there are high ceilings above the living room, dining area, family room or entry way creating a large open space. These homes were tract homes and were built when high ceilings was the “it” thing to do.

Realizing the cost-saving benefits to be derived from using remodeling contractors for expanding usable space in their homes, Southern Californians are wising up, and are busy calling in loft conversion professionals to make the financially prudent adjustments to their homes.

Consider Building a Loft

Remodeling contractors in San Diego doing a loft conversion can transform your unused wasted empty high vaulted ceiling space into a functional loft game room, office, bedroom or living area. Increasing square footage of living space, along with the proper city permits and documentation, can significantly increase the value of your home.

Do you have high ceilings in your home that you feel are no more than an empty and wasted space? If so, you may be losing out on your home’s real potential. Through loft conversion, you can transform your unused wasted empty ceiling space or attic space into a functional loft room or living area.

You may be dissuaded by the mere thought of the inconvenience and cost that comes with the construction, but it comes with a number potential benefits that may just convince you to seriously reconsider.

From Wasted Space to Extra Living Space

A typical vaulted ceiling can amount to almost 30% of the total potential living space inside a home. Unfortunately, this portion is usually left unused and wasted. By building a loft conversion instead of a new construction extension or room addition, you can get an additional room without taking away space from your yard.

Also, as opposed to constructing extensions and room additions, building a loft gives you maximum use of your home with lesser disruption to the existing structure.

Remodeling Contractors are an Affordable Alternative to Moving

As the prices of property continue to increase steadily, more homeowners are turning to loft conversion to address their need for more living space. After all, you already have the space there, right? It’s just waiting to be developed and used. Creating a loft also tends to cost less because instead of adding to the house, you will be working within its existing dimensions and foundation.

Adding in is easier and costs less.  The lower ceilings below and separate rooms allow the home owner to reduce heating and air costs as they can choose which part of the home will be acclimatized. Now the home owner has the extra space and can lower energy bills.

HK Construction has done hundreds of add-in’s over the years in the Scripps Ranch, Poway, Tierra Santa area. We have a great reputation in the industry and among our many satisfied clients. 

We are not the lowest price home remodeling company, but we are definitely not the highest priced company either. We do really good work for a fair price. When it comes to attention to details and communication, our project managers are thorough, extremely detailed, courteous and very patient.

Call HK Construction at 858-748-6580. Ask for a complimentary assessment of your home’s open space area to get information and pricing on an add-in loft conversion.


“Thanks for a great job on our loft expansion. We are truly happy with the way the room turned out – a great addition to our home. The remodel went as planned. The job started and finished exactly as you estimated. When we had a small minor detail that needed attention, you and Chad helped me, even thought it was a weekend, and you both were out of town. I really appreciated you so much for that. We had no other surprises along the way. The jobsite was left clean on a daily basis. The extra space that was created adds much to the house.

Your people were all great and professional. Chad, the production manager, kept us full informed of the day to day scheduling and was always patient and kind. He was accessible, and if not, would return calls soon thereafter. Justin was experienced and went out of his way for us whenever we requested something from him. We never worried about anything. When we would leave for work, we felt we were in really good hands.

We would definitely use HK Construction again in the future for any construction needs.”

– Rick and Kim McCelland

“My husband and I recently bought a Spanish style home in San Diego, California and we love the open, spacious interior with the vaulted ceilings but we noticed as soon as we got all of our furniture and belongings moved inside that there was so much wasted space. The house was purchased with the intention of renovating it and raising the market value but we didn’t even know that constructing a loft was an option.

We had a great contractor working for us to give us pointers throughout the process. With the addition of a game room loft our home has dramatically increased in value. Our building guys at HK Construction were awesome and everything was done to code, as we expected. Not only do we have an amazing place for the kids to call their own but we also made a wise investment, personalized our home, raised our market value, took advantage of wasted space, and made great friends at HK Construction. If we ever sell I’m building a loft in our next house too!”

– Carrie Buchart, San Diego CA

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