At HK Construction we build trust and integrity into every project. By doing business in a simple forthright manner customer trust develops naturally. And if any problems arise, then we handle them right away with integrity. Maybe that’s why our clients are frequently saying how much they love our great customer service.

Why Else Choose HK Construction as Your General Contractor?

The HK Construction team works to support your local community. In fact, many of us are long time Poway and San Diego residents.

Trust and Integrity are important to Marc and Crew at HK Construction San Diego.

Trust and Integrity are important to Marc and Crew at HK Construction San Diego.

We know it’s common for people to get multiple bids before choosing the general contractor who they feel is best for them. So that’s why we offer our bid free of charge even though other contractors charge for theirs.

It’s also common for these bids to have a range of estimated costs for your project. The major reason for this range in price is:

  • Each contractor does business differently. For example, some general contractors have a crew that do all the work themselves while others hire subcontractors.
  • Some are big companies with a lot of overhead while others are small.
  • Most have access to a wide range of products that can vary in cost. A consideration for you to communicate with your contractor on is the quality of materials being represented in the bid.
  • The type and value of these resources available to a contractor at the time affects what kind of price is going to be put on a bid for a project.


Choosing the right trustworthy contractor for your home remodel project can be tough. So we try to make it a little easier for you. If you’re in Poway or the San Diego area and looking for a great contractor you can trust then please contact Marc Gieselmann at HK Construction Company in Poway. Marc is a knowledgeable and licensed contractor who can help you with anything from building your custom dream home to adding more space in your living room by installing a loft.


When we do business with someone, as a customer, we are looking for three qualities:

  1. A good match (someone who brings us something useful that we need).
  2. The right personality (someone we enjoy dealing with).
  3. The right deal (a deal that is good and profitable for both of us).

So therefore we treat people the way we want to be treated. With fairness, honesty and respect, trust, and integrity we’re always providing the best value possible.

Whether you’re selecting a contractor you want good value and a great experience. And you don’t want to overpay for it. But you don’t want to underpay either. At HK Construction & Remodel we do our very best to provide a wonderful experience along with great service at a fair price at all times; with everyone we work with.


Our team wants to help you feel confident in your decision and trust who you hire. So that’s why we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, and offer free price quotes. Because when you are in the process of determining your choice of a good, safe, reputable, knowledgeable & experienced, service-oriented contractor, we want you to feel good about choosing us. Learn more about our Credentials, Insurance, and Operating Procedure.

Please feel free to preview our work in the gallery section of our website. Or watch some of our many helpful videos. And when you’re through, be sure to request your FREE Construction Quote if you have a project in mind.


Please feel free to use any of the methods on this page to contact us regarding your home remodeling and new construction needs. Ask about getting a free home remodel consultation. We will respond to your request within 24 business hours.

Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Owner: Marc Gieselmann
Location: Poway, CA.

Phone: (858) 748-6580

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NARI Member and BBB A+ Rated

HK Construction is a long time NARI member in good standing. So you know we are the real deal. Additionally we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Because we believe your satisfaction as a customer it our top priority!

Integrity HK Construction San Diego, Member NARI and BBB A+ Rating

HK Construction is Member of NARI and BBB