Building a Game Room Addition

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Building a game room addition can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. However, prior to starting a game room addition, a homeowner should first formulate a game room addition plan. There are several key factors that should be considered prior to breaking ground.

Develop a Game Room Addition Plan

Developing a game room addition plan should include both interior and exterior considerations. A homeowner should draw up a basic game room addition wish list outlining what they want to do in it and what features it will have. Include a basic floor plan layout and the physical exterior shape and size of the addition.

Keep in mind that if the roof lines and/or foundation on the existing home or the new room addition are complex, an architect may be required. An architect may also be required to ensure that the finished game room addition blends well with the existing home, both inside and outside. If a game room addition appears as an afterthought to the home it will be aesthetically unappealing; both to guests and someday to prospective home buyers.

Custom bar in gameroom by HK Construction

Custom bar in game room made by HK Construction

Adding Amenities

You may want to consider adding amenities to your new game room. A bathroom, wet bar, wine room and walk in closet or other storage cabinets are always useful and add to the enjoyment of spending quality time with friends and family in your new game room.

Obtaining Building Permits

In San Diego this is a big deal that should not be over looked. Fortunately HK Construction always adheres to California safety and city codes on all construction projects. We also go to bat with the county and handle the confusing maze of permit process for you.

When planning a room addition, the permit / inspection process will typically include an overall building permit, as well as electric, plumbing, and insulation permits. In order to complete the building permit process you will need drawings or sketches of the room addition.

You will also need a bill of materials and a cost estimate for the construction. The building inspector will use this information to determine if the construction will meet all construction and safety codes. The building inspector also uses the Bill of Material and cost information to assess the amount of the permit cost. Once again, HK Construction supplies everything the city wants to see in order to make sure your project hums along smooth and legal.

New Game Room Addition Under Construction

New Game Room Addition Under Construction- Call today for free estimate (858) 748-6580

Begin Construction

With game room addition building plans and permits secured, as well as a bill of materials and a timetable of completion, a homeowner can begin the game room addition project with a high likelihood of a smooth and successful room addition project.


During the building of the room addition, expect the county to perform inspections after each of the following stages of construction are completed::

  • Foundation is poured
  • Framing completed
  • Rough electric completed
  • Rough plumbing completed
  • Insulation completed
  • Final Inspection / Occupancy Permit (Electric/Plumbing are complete)


Following the advice in this game room addition article will help ensure that your room addition project goes smoothly and is completed on time and budget. For more help on planning and building a man cave game room addition, call us today!