Room Addition Remodel Contractor in San Diego

Are you a San Diego, CA homeowner who wishes that your home was a little bit different.. such as larger, or more exciting, more functional, or more attractive?

If so then it may be time for a change. Despite what you may believe, that change doesn’t have to involve buying a new home. It can involve only a simple remodeling project. Such as a room addition! Speaking with a room addition remodel contractor is a great place to start.

Room Additions and Home Expansion

So if you’re looking to expand your living space or transform your existing rooms into something new, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch construction and remodeling services to homeowners throughout San Diego and the surrounding areas.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, we strive to bring your vision to life and create the home of your dreams. Whether you need a room addition, a kitchen remodel, a bathroom renovation, or a complete home makeover, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results. Explore our website to learn more about our services, view our past projects, and contact us to discuss your remodeling needs.

Here’s Some Room Addition Ideas

When it comes to room additions, there are many homeowners who wonder whether or not it is a good idea. Our room addition remodel contractor design team is happy to come over and consult with you about what choices are available. And then go over the details so you know exactly what to expect. Here’s some examples of our work.

Room addition remodel contractor adding a room onto the back of a San Diego home.

Adding a room onto the back of a house.

Master Bedroom and Master Bath Additions San Diego

Adding a master bedroom to side of home.

Whether you are unhappy with the overall appearance of your home or just the layout, a room addition project may be right for you. If you do make the decision to add a room, you will find that you have a number of different options. You could easily remodel a small portion of your home, such as your garage or loft. But you can also change everything around. In fact, the many choices you have are just one of the many benefits to adding a room.

In almost all cases, room addition projects help to increase the overall value of a home. Especially if the area you are remodeling was in serious need of a make-over. See more photos of our room addition remodel contractor work in our room additions portfolio.

The 3 Stages of a Home Remodeling Project

A home remodeling project is something that most owners eventually want to do. We all want our homes to look nicer, be a safe haven, and be a happy place to live. So here are some tips for those who are thinking of home remodeling now or in the near future. Hopefully you will find these tips useful in your home remodeling plans.

Home Remodeling Project Contractor in Poway CA

1) Consultation

Plan and analyze the scope of your home remodeling ideas with your contractor. Get information that will help you with the project and know the costs. And then choose products and materials that you want installed. And make а decision for а certain budget for your home remodeling and stick with it.

2) Design

Your construction contractor should be able to line up professionals to help create and finalize your home remodeling ideas. These can either be an architect, an interior designer, and any other pro as needed. Make sure you feel really comfortable with the proposed design before construction begins. Having a solid rapport and understanding with the home remodeling contractor is very important to achieving your desired end result.

3) Construction

This is the time for the home remodeling project manager to come up with а detailed construction schedule. They should also be getting some construction crews going on your home remodeling project. Set a communication plan that will take place between you and your contractor, including all the other people involved. It is important that in every home remodeling project someone should be responsible for making sure the consultation details, design and home remodeling plan are closely followed.

Finally, remove personal or breakable items from the working area. Give the construction work crews ample space to work and not have to be concerned with tipping over Grandma’s expensive antique vase. If a kitchen remodel is part of the plan then try to set up а temporary mini kitchen in another part of the house. Be sure to leave room for large items and supplies which are to be delivered. And if possible, see to it there is parking space for the work crews.

San Diego Room Addition Remodel Contractor

In all honesty, adding a room is a simple project for us. Such as a bedroom addition. So hopefully you’ll feel relaxed at the thought of taking on this seemingly large venture.

When you hire HK Construction you are getting an honest San Diego room addition remodel contractor contractor for your home remodeling project. Starting from the first phone call we are honest and upfront with you. Because we want to do everything possible in making sure you are 100% happy with us and our work.

Best Local Honest Contractors in San Diego room addition remodel contractor and New Construction.

No matter where you live in San Diego, HK Construction can provide the professional home remodeling services you need. Since 1992, homeowners from Imperial Beach to Oceanside, and everywhere in between, have trusted our home remodeling team of experts with their home improvement projects.

Although state licensing recognizes us as “general contractors”, we’re actually so much more. Since our knowledge and experience extends from the driveway to the roof out to your back fence, we are full service home remodel contractors. Whether you want to replace your driveway, do a loft conversion, room addition, kitchen remodel, patio conversion, bathroom remodel, or add a second story onto your home we can serve just about any home remodeling need you have, either inside our outside.

Click here for a list of our construction services.

HK Construction works with each client to design create and install new space that is unique to your personality, your lifestyle and your dreams. Ultimately creating beautiful, innovative space in your home that is unlike any you have ever seen; as personal as your own signature!

Living Room Before and After Best Local Honest Contractors San Diego Home Remodeling HK Construction

We’ve remodeled 1000’s of homes all over San Diego and North County, so chances are we’ve completed a project near you. References are available upon request. See our portfolio of home remodeling projects. There are so many ways you’ll love your newly remodeled home after HK Construction is done making it perfect for you.

Call today for a free in person quote on construction and home remodeling services. (858) 748-6580

Credentials, Insurance, and Operating Procedure

HK Construction room addition remodel contractor crew

Marc Gieselmann with some of his crew members.

We are family owned and operated. The owner, Marc Gieselmann began in the construction business over 30 years ago. HK Construction incorporated in 1997. HKC has experience in all phases of home remodeling, and uses its own crews for most work. Our primary expertise is in room additions and loft construction. We also do other home expansion construction and remodeling such as kitchens, bathrooms, 2nd story additions, decks, and concrete work.

Trust and Confidence

You know you can trust the professionals at HK Construction because we began in San Diego in the early 1990s. And we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau as a room addition remodel contractor. You can read dozens of positive reviews about us online. On request, we can also provide you with a list of previous customers who wish to provide references about the quality of our work.


Gieselmann Construction Inc. dba HK Construction, is an outstanding member of the San Diego Better Business Bureau (858-637-6199), the National Association of Remodelers Institute (NARI 800-636-2377) and the California State Contractors License Board Contractor License #602228 (800-321-2752).

HKC Credentials


HK Construction (HKC) carries the state requirement of liability insurance, is fully bonded, and maintains current workers compensation insurance for its crew. HKC requires all of the subcontractors to name HKC as an “additional insured” on their insurance policies. HKC keeps their certificates on file in office.

Operating Procedure

HKC employees an office manager and currently has 10 crew members, of which one is our production manager and another is a lead carpenter. During the course of the construction or home remodeling project, and according to the permitted plans, our crew performs the following:

  • demolition,
  • debris isolation,
  • construction debris removal,
  • digs and prepares foundations
  • supervises concrete pouring,
  • completes all aspects of the framing,
  • schedules all required inspections, and
  • completes all contracted finish work including final cleanup.

We order all building materials according to contract including custom size items such as windows and doors. We also schedule, oversee, and supervise all subcontractors relevant to the project (according to contract) such as, electrician, plumber, dry waller, insulation, stucco, painters, etc.

During the remodeling process, our project and/or production managers consistently inspect the project site, examine the plans and specifications of the project, and supervise their crew and subcontractors. All as stated in the contract.

Informational Procedure

HKC has procedures in place the keep the homeowner fully informed of the progress of their project. Such as:

  • Interfacing with the homeowner through the permitting process,
  • Check-off lists for items to purchase and decisions to make,
  • Notifying when required inspections are going to happen,
  • Informing the homeowner of progress payment schedules.

We provide timely invoicing according to the contractual payment schedule so our homeowners always know what has been paid for and/or when a payment is due. Our office manager sends homeowners a courtesy notice when we make a payment for the project’s material supplies and to the project’s subcontractors. Did you know this one informational procedure a rare thing in the construction home remodeling business? It’s true! We do this because we care.


HKC presents a clearly written proposal/contract with a set price for materials, labor, and project management. This includes specifications stating all work to be done and materials to be used. Based on our experience with the homeowner’s type of project, we designate a start and finish time.

Permit Process

At the homeowners request we will draw the plans for the city building department, determine if the project need structural engineering, and oversee the city building permitting process. At the pre-construction meeting with the homeowner we’ll go over all the workmen schedules and review the entire project. The intent making sure the homeowner has a full understanding of what they can expect as HKC moves through the project.

Safe and Clean

Work crews regularly maintain the job-site in a safe and clean condition. They secure the homeowner’s residence (or project site) upon vacating the job-site if homeowner is not present at the end of the day.


Satisfaction is guaranteed, meaning, no project is finished until all scheduled work within the scope of the contract is properly completed and to the homeowners satisfaction. HKC’s 5-year Warranty covers materials used and workmanship performed on the project, per the signed contract, for a period of 5 years from date of completion. It’s our sincere hope this shows our customers that we are in business for the long term building quality relationships rather than a short term “fly by night” scenario.


Family happy with their room addition remodel contractor.

Photo credit: iStock

A high percentage of our new business comes from customer referrals. Some comes from our company sign placed at the project site while others come from personal and business acquaintances.  Yet others come from the Better Business Bureau, our web site, and other ongoing marketing efforts. Our way of saying thanks is that we’ll give a $75.00 Nordstrom gift certificate when you refer  someone who then signs a construction or home remodeling contract with us.


Please review and contact our many references regarding any project(s) that may be similar to yours. We encourage homeowners to make arrangements to go see any of these projects. We can also arrange for a homeowner to see current projects that are under way. Just call the office for more information and to schedule a time.

When you call room addition remodel contractor HK Construction we will give you an honest and accurate quote based on your specific project. So, when the time comes and you are ready to hire a local general contractor, call us at (858) 748-6580.

HK Construction 25 Years Experience

HK Construction has extensive experience with dealing with all types of home remodeling and new construction projects. Our rates are affordable. We know that trust is very importance to our clients. So that’s why we make every effort to form and maintain that trust for years to come. So with HK Construction you are getting best local honest contractors for your San Diego home remodeling project. References available upon request!

Contact Us

For more information, contact Marc Gieselmann, the owner of HK Construction, a room addition remodel contractor. You can also connect with us on Facebook. You can reach Marc Gieselmann of HK Construction San Diego direct by calling 858-748-6580.

HK Construction is Member of NARI and BBB

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