Room Add On or Room Add In?

Are you considering the pros and cons of adding in to an existing room or maybe doing a whole new room add on? If your family is growing and you are feeling the squeeze in what once seemed like a spacious enough home then you might be entertaining the following three home remodeling project options.

Lots of folks in Poway are thinking about room additions to their homes. Either going outwards (single story) or upwards (second story) with new room additions. But there is another lesser known option. Have you thought about “add ins”? This is where you add a room into into existing floor plans such as an internal room addition. There are lots of ways to do this. Some examples include,

There are many benefits to adding internal rooms instead of adding on new rooms. And vice-versa too. It all depends on your want, needs, budget, and your expectation. So let’s explore some of your room addition options.

Exploring Your Options

1) Adding in to you home, making smart use of already available space.

Custom Wine Storage Room Construction San Diego

Wine Tasting and Storage Room Add In to Living Room

Room add ins include: Garage conversion (into bedroom, game room or office), loft conversion, splitting a great room into two separate rooms, bathroom additions, master bedroom conversion, office conversions, bonus rooms, built in entertainment centers, kitchen remodeling and expansion, etc. The ideas are limitless.


  • More space to enjoy and grow into.
  • You stay in the same home you know and love.
  • A lower home remodel cost
  • Less noise and dust during construction
  • Also there is less involved in obtaining necessary building permits.


  • The loss of previously open spaces that gave the room (or house) an “open” feeling.

2) Adding onto your home, making it larger with a room add on.

Room Add On Room Addition Tips from San Diego Contractor

Example of “Adding On” with external room addition.

Room add on (AKA room additions). You can add a second story, or a room new bedroom, or another garage, the possibilities are only limited by how high and how wide you can go on your property.


  • More space to enjoy and grow into.
  • You stay in the same home you know and love.
  • More privacy.
  • Higher resale value.


  • Displacement during construction.
  • Possibly upsetting noise sensitive neighbors,
  • Higher home remodeling cost.
  • Loss of yard space if expanding outward.

3) Move into a larger home (if you don’t like options 1 and 2).

This option may or may not include a home expansion remodeling project but let’s face it, there will certainly be personalizing involved. While moving to a new home is an exciting option it comes with a much higher cost. Plus all the hassles of moving; such as, new numbers, maybe putting the kids in a new school, leaving memories behind, and the potential of your new neighbors being less than hospitable toward you.

Another great home remodeling project example of adding in to your home:

Common themes in Poway and San Diego county homes include high vaulted ceilings in downstairs living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms. While these are ascetically pleasing, and can promote a large sense of space, they can waste available living space.

Loft additions are popular right now!

Loft Conversion Living Space San Diego HK Construction

Example of Loft Addition courtesy iStockPhotos

A loft conversion room add on can transform your unused wasted empty high vaulted ceiling space or attic space into a functional loft room or living area. After all, you already have the space there, right? It’s just waiting to be developed and used. Creating a loft also tends to cost less because instead of adding to the house, you will be working within its existing dimensions and foundation.

Some like the high vaulted ceiling look. I get it. It’s spacious, airy, and feels less confining as you enjoy open space above you. But with any home design there are drawbacks. A high vaulted ceiling is open unused space that could be used for living or storage. A high ceiling also cost more to heat in the winter because heat rises. It therefore take s that much more heat before it reaches comfortable levels near the ground.

Vaulted ceilings also cost more to cool in the summer because where there is a high ceiling there is usually less insulation. Sure you can get a layer or two in a vaulted roof, but a crawl space attic offers far more space for insulation.

HK Construction Leads the Field in San Diego Home Remodeling

Room add on contractor HK Construction Poway

If you move to a new home we can help with your home remodeling project to make it a perfect fit for your family. If you want to add on or add in to your existing home we are happy to help transform your current home into a larger living area that suits your new growing needs.

No matter which option you choose HK Construction can help. Call us for a free cost savings analysis between the three choices outlined above. We’ll give you our best recommendation so you can make a well informed decision.

Since 1996, HK Construction has developed an unmatched reputation for quality, integrity and professionalism. As a family-owned and operated business with 1,000’s of satisfied customers, we’re proud to consistently meet and frequently exceed our customer’s expectations. So therefore we have reviews and testimonials of our good works spread all over the internet. Just Google us!

Finally, our hallmark is that we do really good work for a very fair price. When it comes to attention to details and communication, our project managers are thorough, extremely detailed, courteous, and caring of your wants and needs.

Call HK Construction for a complimentary assessment of your home’s open space area so you can know what the costs involved might be.


Please feel free to use any of the methods on this page to contact us regarding your room add on or room add in needs. Ask about getting a free home remodel consultation. We will respond to your request within 24 business hours.

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