Leaking Roof Cause of Stains in Corners

Leaking Roof Cause of Stains in Corners

When talking about water damage, most people know that heavy rain can cause all sorts of problems inside a home if your roof leaks. It can flood flooring, rot wooden furnishings, and set off mold growth in the dark areas of the house. On top of that, water from heavy rain can also bring in all sorts of infectious waterborne diseases and pose a serious health threat to the inhabitants of the home.

Leaky Roof Causes Problems

A leaky roof can cause damage to the roof itself, but also to other parts of the home inside and out. Here’s some of the problems:

  • Dripping water into your house and the water can get on wood surfaces in the attic causing rotting and mold.
  • Leaks in the roof can stain the interior walls and ceilings inside the home.
  • Bowing of wood in walls and ceiling due to excessive moisture.
  • Compromises safety of electrical wiring and light fixtures.
  • Mold and mildew grows. While it is unsightly it is also very bad for your health!
  • Standing water attracts mosquitoes.
  • Other water diseases can take hold and grow.

Toxic Mold Problems

Mold is toxic to breathe. So people exposed to it can develop upper respiratory problems. That makes it unsafe to reside in the home. Since mold isn’t always easy to find then you may not even know why you’re sick. Or that you are exposing yourself to it daily. Mold is it doesn’t always grow where you can see it. Often times mold is grow where it is difficult to detect. And once mold is establishes itself then it contributes to dry rot forming.

If you suspect you have mold then check the attic for signs of dry rot and water damage. Also look for mold too. You will need to have a contractor look at the damage and replace materials as necessary. Generally the mold gets its start from a leaky roof.. So you will need a contractor to inspect your roof for damage and leaks.

How to Avoid Big Repair Costs

To save yourself big repair costs then consider doing regular preventative inspections and maintenance. You should perform a general inspection on your roof at least twice a year. Check for and repair the following conditions:

  • Mildew,
  • mold,
  • rust,
  • standing or trapped water,
  • visible damage,
  • discolorations,
  • deformations,
  • excessive debris on roof
  • missing roof shingles or tiles,
  • and anything else that doesn’t look right.

Promptly make all repairs as necessary. Eliminating a leaky roof cause is the best preventive maintenance you can do.

Repairing Leaky Roof Cause

If you find and problems of areas of concern then please call us. We’ll come over and have a look. Then give you our professional opinion on the level of damage from your leaky roof cause. And then say what you should do in order to insure the overall safety of your home.


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