Fixing a Leaky Roof: Finding the Roof Leak

Fixing a Leaky Roof: Finding the Roof Leak 2015-12-23T14:12:52+00:00

A difficult task for homeowners is attempting to find the source of a leaky roof. On the inside of your home, sometimes the leak seems fairly obvious; or is it? Tell-tale signs range from inconspicuous to obvious. Such as wet spot stains on the ceiling and walls or water dripping onto your floors or furniture.

Roofing Contractor Repair DamageThe biggest problem is that water from a leaky roof rarely travels along a straight line. Discovering the source can be more difficult than simply going up into the attic and searching directly above where the wet spot or water stains are.

Water will run down the roof, along rafters, under insulation, around framing member and pipes, and across ceilings until it finds its way inside your home. The actual entry point of the leak is often far away from where it shows up on your ceiling.

Since water always flows downhill, you can trace the leak back to its point of origin by starting at the bottom and working backwards uphill. Find a wet area in the attic and then follow it along its path. Always work upwards and eventually you should find an area that is dry uphill from that spot. The original entry point of the leak is likely to be coming from this area.

Another way to find a leak (when the house is dry) is to use a garden hose and wet down small sections of the roof. Have someone inside to watch for where it starts leaking. Start at the lower edges of the roof and work your way up to the peak ridge line. Try to spray above the roof to simulate rain. Be sure to spray around chimneys and pipes as well. Leaks often form at the intersection of the roof with some other architectural features.

Be careful not to spray upwards under the shingles or to direct a strong stream at any seams or roof features. You might just cause a leak where there was not one before. You can also consult with HK Construction to come out and determine the source of the leak.

A leaky roof can do a lot of external damage as well as internal damage which includes creating a breeding ground for mold. Mold can make a home uninhabitable, make you sick and help create structural damage to the home that is costly to undo.

If you have a leaky roof, don’t wait until it gets worse. It’s probably already causing expensive damage. Call HK Construction. We’ll come over, have a look at your leaky roof then give you our professional opinion on the level of damage and what should be done next in order to insure the overall safety of your home and family.