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Press Release – Local News – Public Service Announcement
Subject: New HK Construction Video

Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Phone:  858-748-6580
Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Address: Poway, CA 92064

New HK Construction Video Explains: Who we are, What we do, and How we work with you

HK Construction, Poway California’s premier general contractor and home remodeling company, has recently released a new video that points out the wide variety of custom-tailored construction services offered and explains to homeowners their method of operation.

According to the HK Construction spokesperson and owner Marc Gieselmann, even though they offer a wide selection of services, each is custom-tailored to satisfy the customer’s specific wants and needs.

“Our team of contractors and construction service professionals are carefully selected based on their proven reputation for fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and their professional manner,” noted Gieselmann.

“Have you ever seen the difference a good contractor makes when he listens to you? Imagine the feeling of pure joy and delight, for example, as you step into your newly remodeled kitchen knowing that everything is done exactly how you envisioned it. Or see your beautiful new bathroom just the way you wanted it. We explore some of those things in our new services video,” added Gieselmann.

Their Service Approach:

  1. First, we meet you either on the phone or in person; however you want is fine with us.
  2. And then we get a picture of what you are looking for in your home remodeling project. And then we listen carefully to the details of your wants, needs and desires concerning the project.
  3. Then, depending on the size of the project, if small, we give you a quote on the spot. If it a large and involved large, then we go back to the office and work on it. When the quote is ready we get together again to show you what we’ve come up with. This is an excellent time for questions if you have any or suggestions for changes to the quote
  4. After you approve of the quote we set a time to start the project. We’ll be as quiet as possible while working so your daily routine runs as smoothly as it can under the circumstances. We also want to make sure your neighbors are happy with us nearby as well.
  5. We’ll be as careful as can be around your property to not disturb or damage anything and have the utmost respect towards your family members and your pets too!
  6. When we’re done we’ll clean up and make sure everything looks great.

“During the final walk through, we want to know the clients feelings on the completed work. This is a great time to voice any concerns so we can get right on it to make sure their experience with us was the best,” note Gieselmann.

For further information, contact:

Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Owner: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Location, Poway, CA.
Phone: 858-748-6580