Remodeling a home means having plumbing choices and making decisions. So if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or add a new room, be prepare yourself to spend an endless number of hours looking at options and making final selections. For full article please visit: Plumbing Choices – CPVC vs. Copper vs. Steel.

There's more to plumbing than just fixtures choices.

There’s more to plumbing than just fixture choices.

When it comes to cabinets, faucets, light fixtures and floor coverings, there are a lot of personal style choices. Such as different styles, colors, finishes, price ranges, etc. But we’ll do our best to help guide your plumbing choices in the right direction for you.

Plumbing Choices You Need to Know

As you know, windows come in different shapes, sizes and energy efficiency ratings. Yet, when it comes to something as important as the plumbing, it seems ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is the norm. Most people don’t ask any questions about the plumbing. They also assume they don’t have any plumbing choices to make.

For many decades, metal (in the form of galvanized steel or copper) was the only material available. Look in the walls (or maybe garage walls for exposed pipes) of any un-remodeled home built before the 1960s and you’ll probably see all metallic pipes.

Choices of Plumbing Materials

Leading choice of plumbing materials over the last few centuries have been the following:

  • Lead
  • Concrete
  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

The classic choices are copper and galvanized steel. They work well and have their advantages. But know that today there is a host of other alternative materials, many of which are varying forms of plastic, now available to choose from.

We like to help guide our home remodeling clients on the best plumbing choices to fit the right application. A popular choice now is plastic pipe such as CPVC. For full article please visit: Plumbing Choices – CPVC vs. Copper vs. Steel.

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