Creating Your Own Unique Living Space

personal style home remodeling ideas

While it’s fun to speculate on what trends will be showing up on Pinterest and high-end home magazines, it’s not fun spending tons of money on Poway home remodeling today that goes out of style tomorrow.

So that’s why we put together a smart list of timeless home remodeling points of interest that never go out of style. That’s because they are based on your own personal style home remodeling wants, and needs, plus some other timeless sage advice.

Personal Style Home Remodeling

1) Focus on Functionality

Most importantly, your Poway home must be functional to you and your family. It has to meet your needs and do so in a way that is pleasant and appealing. Therefore focus on functionality. Consider your wants and needs over what you thinks others might enjoying seeing. Unless you’re trying to win a home popularity content then just do what makes you happy.

2) Your Own Wants and Needs

Since good taste never goes out of style, you’re in luck! Your wants and needs should be first and foremost on your mind when it comes to planning your Poway home remodeling. That way your home is always in exactly the right current trend just for you and your needs. It’s a home built for you.

Don’t worry about what’s popular today. Instead consider your own likes and dislikes in colors, landscape, room layout, furniture, countertops, fixtures, etc. And even what era you like best; think 1950s or 1990s styles for example. Choose an era, go modern, go county farmhouse, or be artisan eclectic. It’s your home so let’s proudly show off your own personal style of home remodeling!

3) Kitchen

Splurge on quality components, appliances, and fixtures for your kitchen remodel. Doing so is truly your best value in the long run because it saves you on short term replacement costs. And also you get what you want and you enjoying using it every day.

4) Bathrooms

As with your kitchen get the best quality fixtures for your bathrooms. This is your private space, so make sure you are comfortable and feel safe. Or maybe turn it into an invigorating morning motivational space to get your motor running after a restful slumber. It’s your space so make it work best for you.

5) Loft Additions

A loft conversion is a clever way to transform your vaulted ceiling open space into practical living space. A loft makes a great home office, game room, or guest bedroom. Some people use their loft as extra storage space to clear ground floor clutter. Whatever works best for you!

6) Upstairs Additions

Upstairs additions involve more time and funds than a loft conversion. However you do get a lot more space! It can be whatever you want or need, with reason and local codes of course. Extra bedrooms, bathrooms, storage, and an office can your new space for creating your ideal lifestyle.

7) Decks and Patios

Outdoor decks and patios are always great choices for upgrades that can reflect your personal style home remodeling. Imagine enclosing your patio for privacy and warmth. Perhaps you’d enjoying sipping your favorite beverage while relaxing on a deck or upstairs balcony? You can have it!

8) Games and/or Entertainment Rooms

Want to relax with video games on a huge entertainment center? Or watch TV and movies? In contrast, how about a quiet place to put your feet up and read your favorite book? Maybe shoot some pool with friends.


Whatever you want, that which makes you happy… You dream it, we’ll build it. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Current trends mean nothing, unless you like that trend because it pings your personal style. Then that’s great!

Otherwise just follow the beat of your own drum and do what makes you happy, safe, and comfortable. Or choose that which is fun, open, entertaining, and exciting. It’s your home. So together let’s use your personal style home remodeling ideas and design the perfect home. And we’ll build just for you.


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