Master Bedroom and Master Bath Additions

Are you dreaming of the perfect master bedroom but have limited space? Let HK Construction easily solve your problem with a master bedroom addition! You can avoid all the trouble and hassle of selling your home and moving to a bigger one.

With a master bedroom addition you can enjoy the home you already have and love, but with the master bedroom upgrade you have always wanted. We can also modify an existing bedroom to make it larger and add a master bathroom. Adding a master bedroom to your home can be complete in a short time without too much disturbance to you, your family life or your neighborhood’s peace and quiet.

Master Bath Additions Contractor

Learn more about Marc Gieselmann, the man behind HK Construction; how he runs it and what he stands for. Earning your trust and keeping it is always his top priority. Lots of our customers are saying that HK Construction is the best remodeling company in San Diego. And that’s high praise because we feel our customers are just great people. So we’re very happy that they are happy with us.

We have lots of experience doing all types of room additions. And we always aim for the complete satisfaction of our clients. There are many options for you to explore when adding a new room. So remember that we can create the best bedroom for you, with all the space you need, at a price you can afford.

Adding a master bedroom can be surprisingly affordable. So call today for a free quote on your new master bedroom or master bath addition. 858-748-6580. Insured, bonded, qualified and experienced home remodeling contractors. All work done above board, legal and to code. Done right the first time!


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