Loft Construction

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Adding a loft to a room in your house is one of the easiest and most practical solutions available for creating more space. With constantly rising property prices it’s unreasonable to consider moving simply because you would like more room in your home. If you want to add more storage space, or an extra bedroom or recreation area to your home then a loft is a straightforward and manageable addition to consider. Lofts are extraordinary space-savers and can be designed to meet any specific requirements the owner might have and are much cheaper than having an addition built while still adding value to your home.

Of any of the home renovations that you can apply to your home, new loft construction, loft additions or loft conversions produce some of the highest average increases in property value alongside new kitchens and room extensions.  Besides extending your living space lofts can be tailored to fit many of the specific needs a homeowner might have.

With the amount of homes in San Diego designed with high vaulted ceilings it’s no wonder there are so many people who are installing lofts. Like most home renovations there is a high initial investment when installing a loft but the long-term benefits highly outweigh the pain of the short-term costs and a loft ends up being cost-effective. Fortunately for those who aren’t handy with a hammer there are companies such as HK Construction who specialize in loft additions and remodeling and who have installed over 200 lofts in the San Diego area.

The benefits of installing a loft are plentiful. The foundation of your house does not have to be worked on or moved and you can continue to live in your own home while construction takes place. The transport costs of materials for a loft are very low as timber and lightweight steel require much less effort to move than heavy construction materials. Lofts can also be erected in a very short period and you will be able to enjoy the loft conversion shortly after it is started. Finally, lofts are the best and fairest-priced way to improve your home and add value to your property.

It’s important to make sure that any additions to the interior or exterior of your home are done to code and that all local building regulations have been followed and complied with. Choosing HK Construction will guarantee the loft installation is 100% up to code and complies with California building regulations. HK Construction has a well-educated set of employees that consists of experts and craftsmen who bring years of specialized knowledge to their project.

If you consider yourself handy it’s possible that you will attempt to build your own loft addition. Be careful if you choose this option and beware that building a loft addition is much more complex than it appears and it’s necessary and legally required that all regulations are followed. Failure to comply will result in a fine and the structure could possibly be condemned.

HK Construction will transform a regular living area into a beautiful and properly utilized addition to your home and will follow all zoning, licensing, permit, and regulation construction requirements throughout the entire process. Even if you’re only considering a loft and you have questions or you’re still unsure about which route to pursue, feel free to contact HK Construction for any of your loft needs.