Does your San Diego home have vaulted ceilings? Convert that open space into living space! Doing a vaulted ceiling loft conversion is a cost effective way to add extra living space and add value to your property at the same time. Transform your lifestyle by adding space and comfort without the high cost of moving to a larger home. Explore your many options! Call HK Construction in San Diego, CA.

Loft construction is a great way of adding a room inside your San Diego home. So you can reclaim open space in high ceilings by converting it to usable living space. With constantly rising property prices it’s not always in your best interests to move into a new home. So if you want to add more storage space, or an extra bedroom or recreation area to your home then a loft addition is a straightforward and manageable solution to consider.

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Loft Addition

Loft Addition in Vaulted Ceiling
Turn vaulted ceiling into loft addition. Adding a loft to your home creates new living space out of thin air! What are the loft addition costs? Find out in this video.

Loft Space Ideas You’ll Love
Lofts are great! Using all the available space in your home is even greater! Here’s some fun ideas for creating loft space that works best for you and your family.

Loft Construction in Homes
We love converting high vaulted ceilings inside homes into new living space. Because from the customer’s perspective, it’s cost effective and easy to do. So here’s some info about what to plan for and what to expect.

Loft Conversion in Vaulted Ceiling Adds Living Space
A loft conversion allows people to transform their lifestyles and living spaces without the high cost of moving to a larger home. Explore your options in this article.

Turning Vaulted Ceilings into Lofts
Adding a loft to a room in your house is one of the easiest and most practical solutions available for creating more space. Doing a vaulted ceiling loft conversion is a cost effective way to improve your home, add square footage of extra living space and add value to your property.

Mezzanine Loft
A mezzanine loft is a partial floor or balcony and can be full of quirky style and flair. It’s a trendy addition that is functional for adding living space or an extra room.

Loft Addition Project Case Study
Portfolio images showing before, during, and after images of a loft addition project of a kid’s playroom loft in a vaulted ceiling with a living room add in below.

Laundry Room Addition
Discussing what you’ll need for your new laundry room upgrade. Whether it’s an add-in, build-out, or loft addition we can put your new laundry room wherever you want it!

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion in vaulted ceiling before and after photos.

Loft Conversion Guide
Thinking of adding mоrе space to your San Diego home? Then a loft conversion is the best way to go! So here’s a quick Loft Conversion Guide. This article рrоvіdеs a beginner’s guide tо loft conversions for those who are unsure where to start.

Types of Loft Conversions in Homes
Great info here about the different types of loft conversions. Two of the most popular covered along with some perks and pitfalls you really need to know about before beginning.

Converting Your Vaulted Ceiling into a Loft
If you have high ceilings in your home then turn that wasted space into extra living space. Saving time (by not moving) and money (more house for less cost), enjoy life more!

Garage Loft Construction: Adding a Room over Garage
Building a room over your garage allows you to add living space. Such as bedrooms and game rooms or convenient walk in storage possibilities. You can also increase your view over the neighborhood and increase your property value.

Dormer Loft Conversion Q&A
San Diego dormer loft conversion contractor answers frequently asked questions about window dormers in roofs and loft conversions.

Loft Construction

Ceiling lights in new loft contractor san diego

Home Loft Construction Q&A: Price, Time, Options
Answers about home loft construction in Poway such as price, options, how much will it increase in value, how long construction takes, etc.

Loft Conversion Cost – Get Free Quote on Loft Construction
If you have a home with an open floor plan and very high ceilings then call us today and explore all your possibilities. Talk with our loft construction team to get an exact price quote of your loft conversion cost.

Building a Loft into Vaulted Cathedral Ceiling Space
Reclaiming lost space: Cathedral vaulted ceiling space can amount to almost 30% of the total potential space of a home. Unfortunately, however, this portion is usually left unused. By building a loft conversion instead of an extension or room addition, you get an additional room without taking away space from your yard area.

Kids Playroom Loft Construction
Kids need room to play. As they grow, so do their needs on the amount of space required to have fun. Your kids will love having a dedicated place to enjoy themselves; you’ll enjoy reclaiming your living space. And you’ll also enjoy enhancing the usefulness of your home while increasing its value.

Building a Loft for Creating More Living Space
Reclaim wasted space in vaulted ceilings by building a loft; convert to living space. Loft construction is a great way of adding a room inside your Poway home.

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