Loft space construction for family home.

Lofts are great! Using all the available space in your home is even greater! Lots of homes have high ceilings, also known as vaulted ceilings, in the living and dining areas. Sometimes high ceiling are found in large hallways, entry ways, and even in the garage! People are converting this open dead air space into loft space.

Creating a Fun Room

Since a loft is elevated above the rest of the home’s floor plan, it’s an ideal place to create something special. One great example is a fun room. Add a television, and a couch, or a pair of recliners, and now you have your own private retreat.

Since lofts are usually 3 walls, there’s an open space to view down below. So you can watch your favorite programs while still being able to see what’s going on in your home.

Perfect Space for Gaming

When not watching TV or movies your new fun room can also double as a gaming room or a kid’s playroom. The reasons that lofts work so well for games are similar to the reason why they work well for TV and movies. You’ll get a private space that is open to the family without being in the middle of everything.

Home Office Loft Space

Home office loft space in Poway, CA.

Maybe you already have fun space but what you really need is work space. Fun and games are great but when it’s time for work you need a quiet place to focus. A home office loft might be an ideal quiet space if you are working from home.

Here’s why: Enclosing yourself in four walls is fantastic for removing distractions. But it’s difficult to hear the kids, pets, and family when they need you. Having a home office loft can provide just enough privacy keeping distraction at bay while still allowing you to know what’s going on in your home. A home office loft space helps you feel a connection even while you’re working.

Craft Room

Do you enjoy crafting? Many do for fun and profit. A craft room loft can give you lots of space to do your crafting. Again, you’ll be close enough to the family to not feel cut off, but also not so close that you’ll have to worry about distraction from your projects. After all, you need space and privacy to let your creative crafting imagination run wild!

Kids and Teenagers

If you have kids, then a loft can be a saving grace for your sanity! When your kids are young they need space to play. A loft elevates them from under foot. However we highly recommend proper safety features, such as railings and half walls, when kids are using the loft space. Imagine gathering all of your child’s toys in a single area instead of seeing them spread throughout the house.

A kid’s loft is a great option for playing with the toys that are too big for a bedroom or aren’t right for outside use. This semi-private space may allow your child to engage his or her imagination without having to worry about being too loud or in mom or dad’s way.

Kids and Teens Having Fun in New Loft Space

As little kids grow into teenagers, they need a space to call their own. Inviting friends over to hang out, goof around, talk privately, game, or just watch TV is so important to their social and emotional development. That’s why lofts are so perfect for teens. A loft is separate enough to provide some privacy, but still open on one side so that you can keep an eye, or an ear, on what they’re doing.

Workout Room

A loft is a great space for working out. Just like all the other loft ideas above, you can enjoy your privacy while exercising while still being able to see and hear what’s happening below. Depending on the loft size you can fit all your exercise equipment up there and still have room to dance, or stretch out and relax afterwards.

Loft Space Price Quote

If you’re looking for the right loft space that will fit your family’s needs, then HK Construction offers a free in person loft space construction consultation to home owners in Poway and San Diego County. We’ll discuss options for your new loft space and give you a price quote as well. Note the price quote is only for in person visit because we need to see the space, discuss the project, measure everything, and then work up a special quote for you.

If you only want a rough estimate and maybe have a few simple questions then please call us. We’re always happy to help!


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