Loft conversion project before and after upstairs

Loft Addition Project Case Study

Building a loft in a room with high vaulted ceiling. Before, during, and after images of a recent loft addition project. Clicking on the small images below will open them into full sizes photos.

The homeowner thought the over-size entry was a waste of usable living spaces. He and his wife wanted more rooms for fun and comfort. They decided adding a loft to a high ceiling is the best way to go for them. So our crew added a kid’s playroom loft in a vaulted ceiling in the entry way. And combined it with an existing hallway upstairs over the large entryway. This new enclosure offered the opportunity for adding a new living room / piano room in the newly converted entry way space. It turned out pretty nice. The client was very happy with it!

Loft conversion project before and after downstairs


Entry way next to front door had large vaulted ceiling and lots of open space. Client wanted to convert that open space into another living room. So this is what we consider an internal room addition, AKA “adding in” instead of “adding on”. In the vaulted section there will be a loft addition, which is also “adding in” a room addition.


Construction was smooth and clean. We framed in a ceiling and made it seamless with the existing ceiling and walls. Client wanted a “stylish” look to his ceiling so we suggested a recessed portion with recessed lighting. They loved the idea so we were happy to oblige. Also, upstairs they wanted an open “airy” feeling so we went with a partial half wall.

They chose the colors and then our painting contractors did their thing. We were also able find a complimentary new carpet for the loft that went well with the existing carpet in the hallway and bedrooms. This gave it a distinct feel of a different room while still matching the overall color scheme. So it all looked fantastic together.

Underside of loft additon project. Loft conversion "during" construction. Another view of loft conversion under construction.Painting loft conversion "during" construction.


The recessed ceiling and lights helped to give a larger feeling to a now lower ceiling height. Obviously the vaulted ceiling was much higher but the finished project doesn’t feel small or confining. On the contrary it feels comfy, welcoming, and cozy. Upstairs is now very open and airy, meeting their request. The kids love their new loft playroom! And our clients are enjoying all the extra living space after their living room “add in” and loft addition.

After image of new living room ceiling which is the underside of the new loft addion floor. Half wall in loft addtiton project give open airy feeling. Loft addition project complete.Loft conversion San Diego contractor HK Construction.

Key Highlights of the Loft Addition Project:

  1. Innovative Design Approach: The project commenced with a meticulous design phase, where our team conceptualized an innovative loft addition that seamlessly integrated with the existing structure. The design aimed to not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also optimize the available space for a more functional and comfortable living environment.
  2. Overcoming Challenges: The case study provides insight into the challenges faced during the renovation process, including structural considerations, layout adjustments, and ensuring the loft addition aligned with the client’s vision. Our skilled team navigated these challenges with precision, showcasing their commitment to delivering exceptional results.
  3. Transformation Process: The case study captures the progression of the loft addition project. From the initial stages of deconstruction to the meticulous construction process, a transparent view of the transformation emerges.
  4. Stunning Before-and-After Comparisons: The heart of the case study lies in the before-and-after images, highlighting the remarkable metamorphosis of the space. The juxtaposition of the original setting with the newly added loft demonstrates HK Construction’s ability to breathe new life into existing structures.

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