Can you build a loft addition in El Cajon CA?

The state of California considers a loft to be a second story. Like any bedroom or living room, the loft must have an area where the ceiling is at least 7 feet high. You can also have sleeping lofts with headspace much lower than what is required for second stories in homes. While a sleeping loft is referred to as a loft, it’s not “technically” an El Cajon loft addition according to the state of CA because of of the roof height being lower. Depending on specifics it could be classified as a storage area. Nevertheless, you can use your “loft addition” just about any way you want to.

Back view of woman and dog sitting under sleeping loft addition

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By adding a loft to your El Cajon home you are creating new living space, literally, out of thin air! Homes in El Cajon CA with high vaulted ceilings are great for a loft conversion because they already have open space ready to build into.

Besides increasing your living space, you can create your loft with just about any feature you need in order to meet the reason why you want a loft. Such as a home office, a playroom, an exercise area, a guest room, kid’s playroom loft, or nearly whatever you can imagine! So adding a loft is a fun and attractive way to remodel your home. You may also want to consider a simple mezzanine loft which is basically a partial floor or a walkway type of balcony.

Loft Addition El Cajon CA Homes

HK Construction does El Cajon Loft Additions. In fact, we do loft additions all over San Diego County! With over 30 years experience in loft additions and loft conversions we can add any type of loft to your El Cajon home that you desire.

Loft Addition Costs

Now you may be wondering how much home loft construction costs. While I can’t answer that in this short video because there are too many variables, I can offer you a free, in person, home loft project assessment. That way we can see what you want to create, we’ll take measurements, and then write a very special quote just for you.

To set an appointment, or ask a question, please call HK Construction at 858-748-6580.


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