Do it yourself living room remodels are easy enough. Tasks such as fresh paint, or new wall paper, or rearranging furniture are common ways to change up an old living room routine. Same goes for remodeling a family room.  But if you want more than a simple DIY project offers then it’s time to seek a general contractor for professional home remodeling services. So here are some great home remodeling ideas for you to consider. Ask for free quote when you’re ready to start.

Built in Bookcase

Built in Bookcase by living room remodeling contractor HK Construction

A built-in bookcase makes the most of space while integrating storage and display into your home’s design. Whether a home entertainment system, reading nook, or home office space, built in bookcases and storage shelves make sense. A built in bookcase differs from free stand shelves because they are recessed in the walls. This offers a custom luxury upscale look by design. They also reclaim lost floor space from free standing bookcases and therefore increase usable living room area.

Built in bookcases are safer because free-standing bookcases are a safety hazard. Free standing bookcases and shelves are supposed to be anchored to the wall with a small strap. However most times they are not. So that means they can fall over easily thus trapping or injuring someone in the process. Also, with enough force, the anchor of a free-standing bookcase can be torn from the wall. Without it, it wouldn’t take much pull at all to bring it down. A built-in bookcase will never fall on you or your children, so it’s a much safer option. Due to the many reasons set forth above, built in bookcases can raise the resale value of your home.


Pocket Door Construction

Pocket Door

Remodeling your house doors includes interior doors and exterior doors too. If you are remodeling walls then consider adding a pocket door to a bathroom or a closet. Pocket doors open by sliding into a wall pocket. They work well on bathrooms and closets where space is limited, as they don’t need room to swing open.

Here’s a great idea where applicable: Enclose your staircase for an extra storage room. A pocket door works great in these custom build situations.

There are all types of doors to consider. Single doors, double doors, pocket doors, sliding glass doors, etc. You can either upgrade your current doors or increase their size and style. For example, where you have a single front door to your home, add a double door. Or replace single interior bedroom doors with double doors. Or replace a window with a sliding glass door for more access to a backyard patio.


Carpet Samples

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Lots of options here. You can remove, replace or add all kinds of flooring options. Such as:

  • Carpet
  • Tile; ceramic, natural stone, vinyl
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Clay pavers
  • Polished concrete

You can also consider different types of flooring borders such as baseboards, base moldings, and other designer options. Or nothing at all for a simpler look.


Fireplace living room remodeling

If you don’t have a fireplace but want one then maybe we can add a fireplace for you. Most homes can accommodate new fireplace construction but some cannot. If you already have a fireplace then you can give it a makeover. Common ways to upgrade a fireplace include:

  • Painting or dry walling over bricks
  • Adding or removing a mantle
  • Adding or removing fixtures over fireplace such as paintings, or TVs
  • Converting from conventional fire logs to gas logs
  • Installing a fireplace insert and/or doors
  • Add built-in storage, shelves, and bookcases next to fireplace


Loft over vaulted ceiling living room

A loft conversion is a clever way to transform your unused space in a high vaulted ceiling over your living room into practical living or storage space. Some people create a guest bedroom with their new loft space; while others fashion a workout room or a home office. A playroom or game room for the kids is also a great use for a new loft conversion.


Skylights for Living Room Remodeling

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Adding skylights in your living room remodel is very “enlightening”. They can create intriguing views to the outside, and allow a large amount of natural daylight in. Skylights help make a small room seem larger. Larger airier spaces are shown to ease stress and be more relaxing. Installing skylights that open can also allow a flow of fresh air too.


Crown Moulding in Living Room HK Construction San Diego

There are lots of ways to remodel a wall. For instance you could:

  • Add a doorway
  • Close off a doorway
  • Create a half wall from a full wall
  • Add a window
  • Paint the wall
  • Install wainscoting
  • Built-in bookcases and shelves

A plain old wall doesn’t always have to remain a plain old boring wall. It can become an exciting wall that suits your new home remodeling goals and desires.

Wall Removals or Additions

Adding a wall with wine storage rack

Adding a wall with wine storage rack

Sometimes in a living room makeover, a wall comes out, thus adding space and separating the living room from the kitchen. This is what we call an open floor plan. Sometimes homeowners wish to add a wall to a large open space thereby creating two private rooms from on large open room. Other times you can add a wall to partition the living room. In the example photo above, we created a wine tasting room nook within the living room by adding a wall that includes wine storage racks.


Exterior Home Remodeling

Vinyl windows are very popular. Especially double pane windows that help insulate heat, cold, and sound. So that’s always a nice upgrade for your old single pane windows. Before vinyl windows became popular most home had aluminum frame single pane windows. We can remove and upgrade any type of old window to a new style that compliments your home and suits your needs. Consider increasing the size of the windows too; or possibly converting a window into a door.

There are lots of options in window styles too so you’re not stuck with only square or rectangle. There are:

  • arch top windows,
  • single and double hung windows,
  • awning windows,
  • bay windows,
  • picture windows
  • circle windows,
  • bow,
  • and casement windows

These are just a few of many styles in which to choose. Dormer windows are also a very stylish upgrade for homes of a certain look.


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