Kitchen Remodel Poway: A kitchen remodel is a great investment on your Poway home for many reasons. It benefits your family and showcases your lifestyle. A beautifully designed kitchen remodel in Poway not only adds value to your property, it creates a living space you’ll love to spend time in.

Poway Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams

Whether you want to create an entertaining space for family and friends, something modern and functional, or a place to cook gourmet dinners, then HK Construction is your best choice for your Poway kitchen remodeling contractor.

Here’s why: Our experience goes way back to the early 1990’s. We are also long time Poway residents and supporters of our local community. This long term experience and love for our city shows that we care about our clients and that we are here for the long term.

How we help Poway kitchen remodel clients:

  • Increase the value of their properties through a well-thought-out kitchen renovation.
  • Get a higher sale price when they decide it’s time to sell their properties.
  • Reduce energy consumption and lessen carbon footprint by installing energy-efficient appliances.
  • Boost the appeal of their home by listening to their wants and needs, then designing and building their new reality.
  • Ease their daily lives with a comfortable, functional, and maybe even an exciting new kitchen design.

Kitchen Remodeling Poway Renovations

Whether you want to renovate part of your kitchen or do a full kitchen remodeling in Poway, our team of experts and specialists provide a consistently high level of quality.

Here’s a fun fact that you might not expect from a Poway kitchen remodeling contractor: We’re easy to deal with! Your voice will be heard, understood, and appreciated. You can reach the job foreman anytime within reason. It’s our job to ensure that you enjoy the process of remodeling as well as the results.

Moreover, we always do our best to complete projects on time and within budget.

Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams

Poway Kitchen Remodel company hk construction

Your dreams can become reality! Whatever your kitchen remodel in Poway needs, HK Construction is here to help you choose the best kitchen design for your home!
During the planning stages of kitchen remodeling in Poway we focus on your needs as a homeowner. While everyone’s unique needs differ, here’s a short list of common needs that frequently come up:

  • Smart kitchen design for best flow and ease of use that will complement the overall design of your home.
  • Well-designed creative layout that best suits the available space
  • Beautiful storage options with large capacity
  • Useful design features that support a family’s cooking and living style
  • Add lighting fixtures, windows, doors, and skylights that bring elegance and functionality.

Kitchen Remodel Poway Features

Kitchen Style

Poway kitchen remodeling contractor Before and After images

When thinking about your kitchen remodel it’s important to consider your entire home and how your new kitchen will fit into that space. Do you want a contemporary or modern kitchen style that is open concept? Meaning, people in an adjacent room can see into the kitchen with no wall in between.

Do you have a galley kitchen? Those tend to be smaller in size and rectangular with 3 walls. Or do you want your new kitchen itself to define its own space? Are you we match your existing house style or are you planning a full home remodel? We can walk you though several options and discuss options for styles.

Kitchen Size

For a simple remodel we can work within the space available and change appliances, cupboards, windows, fixtures, etc. For a larger remodel we can remove walls to enlarge, or extend your kitchen area with a room addition.

Counter Space

Kitchen counter tops example by Poway kitchen remodeler.

Having enough counter space for doing what you do in your kitchen is so important. Whether cooking, eating, or just relaxing with friends over a few drinks, you need to have enough counter space. Some options include: wider or deeper counters, a peninsula, islands, U-shaped, etc. Our designers are available to assist you with creative ideas and options.

Kitchen Island

An island is an extra countertop and storage space in the middle of a large kitchen. They do not work well in tight or narrow spaces such as a galley kitchen. Islands are best suited for larger areas; someplace you might put a table if not the island.

Adding an island to your kitchen can make a big difference to both the look and the functionality. Islands offer a lot of useful features in a small space. Such features as countertop, storage, extra sink, cutting boards, are helpful additions. Additional storage is also possible above the islands. People love installing racks for hanging pots and pans. This is also a great place to enjoy extra lighting options.

Types of Kitchen Islands

Support Island: It fulfills the function of storage and support, which performs through a countertop that will be free.
Cooking and washing island: It is very popular for having the ceramic hob where the extractor hood is included in the cooking area and a dishwasher.
Breakfast Island or informal meal: Any of the mentioned islands integrates it. It is the mixed island of the kitchen.


Windows are a wonderful addition to any kitchen; especially in Poway where we have more sunlight than dark days. Renovating old windows by installing new modern kitchen windows is always a good plan. However, finding space for adding additional windows might be difficult if you don’t want to give up wall storage space. So that’s when skylights and light tubes are a great option to explore.

Even a kitchen with large windows and skylights can feel cave-like with dark interior styling. So we’ll brighten up your room by helping you choose lighter colors that compliment your overall color scheme.

Rated Best Poway Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Our Poway kitchen remodel team features high quality contractors with decades of experience. Our kitchen remodel design team has a keen eye for detail. Our core company values, integrity, honesty, and open communication, is found in every aspect of our business. With us, you receive not only the best design and remodeling craftsmanship, but also the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Speak with a Design Consultant

Contact us to schedule a free kitchen remodeling Poway consultation with our design consultants and take that first step toward your new dream kitchen. During the visit you’ll receive a project evaluation and then we’ll work up your custom price quote. All quotes are in person, never over the phone. Call or email to set an appointment. This way we can see what you have and how you want it to be. Then we take measurements and go back to the office and work up an exact quote for you.

HK Construction is a remodeling and new construction company focusing on the needs of home owners in Poway and San Diego, CA. For further information concerning your kitchen remodeling contractor needs or expectations, please contact Marc Gieselmann about the cost, scope and time involved.

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