Internal Room Additions

Internal room additions are great for adding more usable living space inside your San Diego home. Create more bedrooms, an office, or add a bathroom. Lots of possibilities! There are a variety of reasons such as growing families or change of needs. So you make sure your house supports all the growing needs of you and your family.

Custom Room Remodel into Wine Storage

Wine Room Addition in Family Room

It is not always possible to move to another house when you find that your existing one is not able to match your growing needs. Sometime building onto your home is not an option either. This could be due to cost and budgeting, lack of yard space to expand into, or perhaps dealing with a difficult HOA.

Inside Bar Room Additions

Inside Bar Room Additions

So building room additions inside your home is a option for expanding the usable square footage of your home without the higher expense of adding more square feet to the outside of your home.

What’s involved in internal room additions?

The easiest way to add a room inside your home is to split one large room into two smaller rooms. This is done as simply as constructing a wall between them. Then you can add closets, cupboards, fixtures, etc. We also add electrical outlets to the new walls.

Some Internal Room Addition Examples:

  • We can add a bathroom into an existing bedroom for example.
  • Or split a great room and make two bedrooms.
  • Build a loft into a vaulted ceiling.
  • Convert unused attic space into a loft or enclosed room.
  • Add rooms inside your garage.
  • Wine storage room.

The possibilities are nearly endless!

Room Addition Considerations

Before planning internal additions you must be very clear about the nature of the additions you want to make to your home, and how it is going to add to its utility value. You’ll want to select the right construction company for the job. One that has a long positive standing in the San Diego construction industry. And has experience with internal room addition construction because this service calls for a great amount of creativity and impeccable workmanship to complete the room additions in the proper manner.

You must understand that the room additions when done in the right manner will be able to boost the utility value of your home tremendously. If you choose the wrong contractor you may lose lots of time and money.

The contractor you choose to do the internal room addition project must have:

  • Long standing in the construction industry.
  • High level of experience.
  • Backed by latest knowledge of the current technical advances in the field.
  • All the proper equipment.
  • Knowledge of the latest trends and materials available.
  • Special knowledge and experience in constructing internal room additions.
  • Have completed many similar projects to the utmost satisfaction of the customers (good reviews)
  • Legal knowledge and must be able to apply for and get all the permits, licenses and registrations to complete your room addition project in a legal and hassle free manner.
  • A rough idea of the type of additions you want to make, the nature of alterations you need to do, and the look and feel of the new room after the project is completed.
  • Be able to provide the right and the valuable inputs to you in developing your project as per the latest trends and design specifics.

In addition to creating the basic floor plan, lay out of equipment, the color scheme for the newly created room and furnishings your contractor must be able to take care of flooring, electrical circuitry and installation of the equipment and appliances, plumbing and fixtures installation, ventilation and air-conditioning etc.

HK Construction San Diego Internal Room Additions Contractor

Since 1990, HK Construction is a popular choice among home owners and property managers for internal room additions.

Various examples of internal room additions include (but are not limited to):

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