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When is the best time of year to begin home remodeling construction?

The short answer is any time of year; whenever you’re ready.

Seriously, why wait? If you’re ready to start then RIGHT NOW is the BEST time. By starting I mean you can start planning. The weather has no bearing on your imagination. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, raining or dry; start now.

In fact, the absolute best time to start planning your home remodeling construction project is when the weather outside is not suitable for the actual physical construction phase. So if you start planning now, figuring out what exactly you want, lining up your contractors, and they are drawing up your plans, getting the permits, etc., then by the time the weather outside is nice for construction then you’re all ready to go!

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We Work Around Seasonal Challenges

In contrast, don’t let time of weather stop your plans either. If, for example, the weather outside is great right now and you’re feeling ready for home remodeling construction then let’s get it going. We’re really good at working around the challenges that each unique season brings.

Certainly spring time and summer are popular months for remodeling and construction. The primary reason being that some home owners think those seasons have the best weather for such a project. The second reason is these seasons put them “in the mood” subconsciously. It just “feels right” to them. And that’s totally okay! However, keep in mind that fall and winter are also great times to begin too.

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Free Consult and Price Quote

Wet or dry, warm or cold, we can get the job done right. Sure perfect weather timing is nice when it happens. But none of us can predict the weather exactly. So we have contingency plans. That’s how we remain flexible in our approach to coordinating the many phases and different people involved in the home remodeling construction process.

From start to finish we make sure the entire project goes smoothly, remaining on time and staying within budget, regardless of the time of year. Contact us for a free home remodeling construction consultation where we’ll go over options and best timing for the project. And we can also create a free custom price quote just for you. That way you can make your decision with the best and most accurate information.


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HK Construction is a long time NARI member in good standing. And we are award winning general contractors. So you know we are the real deal. Additionally we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Because we believe your satisfaction as a customer it our top priority!

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HK Construction is Member of NARI and BBB