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Granny Flats Aging in Place Elder Housing and Home Mods for Seniors

As people get older it becomes more difficult for them to live independently in their homes. Home mods for seniors safety and comfort are very important to their overall health and happiness. So then to help prevent older adults from having accidents have a good contractor come in to make certain aging in place modifications.

The type of work involved can be as minor as installing pull handles to replace doorknobs or adding a wheelchair ramp to major remodels of the kitchen and bathrooms.

Home mods for seniors are great for improving access and adapting the home to the changing needs of older homeowners. Improving access would involve making changes to accommodate someone using a wheelchair, like lowering counter tops, cupboards and the height of light switches.

Doorways would also need to be wider. Adaptability changes involve making minor improvements like installing grab bars in bathrooms.

It’s best to incorporate certain features in the universal design when the home is first constructed. The features in the home would be solid and sturdy and particularly easy for people of all ages to use.

Therefore we can build enough flexibility into the design for easily adapting should an occupant require special needs.

Approximately ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every single day. Some will downsize into smaller homes while others will want to remain in their existing homes for as long as possible. At some point these homes will need home mods for seniors to accommodate the changing needs of the homeowners as they get older. This would involve making sure that everything is easy to reach and use.

Minor Adjustments Can Make a Big Difference in Safety

When purchasing new appliances, keep convenience in mind. A front-loading washer is much easier to use than a top-loader.

You can replace showerheads with adjustable ones, replace doorknobs with lever-style handles and install handrails where needed, especially on both sides of any staircase.

Just raising the electrical outlets and lowering light switches can make a huge difference in how comfortably you function in your home as you get older.

When Making Renovations also Consider Comfort & Convenience

  • Widen doorways to 36 inches or more.
  • Entrance should have no steps. If that’s not possible, install a ramp.
  • Install pocket doors wherever you can.
  • Install user-friendly appliances.
  • Replace kitchen sinks with shallower ones.

Major Safety Renovations for Aging in Place

  • Install handicap ramps to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Create a multi-functional master suite on the first floor.
  • Install a ground-floor bathroom with low-rise tub and walk-in or curbless shower.
  • Adjust the height of all counter tops.
  • Lower the cupboards for easy access.
  • Replace flooring so that you have a smooth surface.
  • Install chair lifts on stairs and/or home elevator.
  • And more!

You man not be retiring anytime soon, but you should still plan. And if that includes aging in place, it is best to have things ready before you need them.

In selecting your builder keep in mind that you want someone who understands the emotional toll that a construction project can take on homeowners. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions before hiring anyone and trust your gut.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the builder you choose, that you can communicate easily and have a good rapport. Instead of barely surviving the remodel, you want to engage yourself in the process and enjoy watching everything come together.

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