What is home loft construction?

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A loft addition adds new floor space within the existing high vaulted ceiling space of a 2-story home. In many cases, it will not be necessary to modify the roof or the foundation so that saves you money . Although if current floor to ceiling space is 17 feet or less then raising the roof is necessary for adequate standing head room while in the loft. In general you will need at least 17 to 19 feet of height in your ceilings (interior floor to ceiling) to have enough space in which to build a loft to code in San Diego CA.

Concerning the foundation, we can build off of the existing floor such as a cement slab, or the floor joists of your home. Depending on where the new loft will be, there might not be enough footing to carry the extra weight of a loft. However we can enhance and strengthen those areas as necessary in order to complete your home loft construction.

How Much is Home Loft Construction?

Home Loft Construction Cost vs. Price

Loft building prices involve a number of variables. Such as,

  • The size of the loft you want to create,
  • Location of new loft in home
  • Loft features (flooring, stairs, built in shelves and entertainment center, windows, dormers, skylights, electrical, etc)

So on average it costs about $250 to $350 per square foot to build your new loft. If there is little to no foundation or roofing work necessary then your pricing could be on the lower side of average.

How Long Does it Take to Build My Loft?

Most home loft construction projects take somewhere between 1-3 months to complete after all permits and other paperwork are approved by the city and/or state. Again, this timing depends on lots of variables. So it’s best to ask for a free in home loft construction consultation. We’re always happy to set a time that is convenient for you to have us come over and see and measure the project space. That way we can give you a more accurate price quote and estimate the time of completion.

How much value does a loft conversion add to a property?

In our experience we’ve seen homes increase in value by 10%-25%. The wide range is due to the fact that we’ve built simple lofts in expensive homes, and large expensive lofts in simple homes. So your dollar amount could vary widely depending on where you live and what type of loft you have us build.

It’s common in the industry to assume increasing a property’s floor space with a simple 3 sided loft can boost value adding at least 10% to the price of a home. Keep in mind that a loft to bedroom conversion costs more than a simple loft. So we can help you with the math on which might be best for you when we meet up for your free price quote.

Free Loft Price Quote

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