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Best Home Additions Contractor in Poway, CA.

Bold claim, “best home additions contractor”? You bet! Give us a chance to prove it. We’ll meet and/or exceed your expectations. We have the most experience, excellent customer service, highest customer satisfaction rate, and the very best pricing. ( *Best pricing based on everything you get from us compared to what other contractors are offering.)

5 Reasons why HK Construction is Best at Home Additions

1) Family Values

First of all Marc Gieselmann (the owner and founder of HK Construction) built his business in a way that makes his mother proud. In fact, his mom was his first office manager back in the very beginning. She helped him get it going then moved on to new adventures. He still still frequently spends quality time with his mother to this day.

Marc is also a family man as well. His kids grew up in Poway where he still resides. And he has a good relationship with them too. Long standing relationships are very important to Marc. He has good friends going back several decades. And he has many employees who’ve been working for him for 20+ years. All this shows Marc’s outstanding character as a person.

2) Honest Contractor

It’s a well know fact that there are too many shady characters among general contractors. And so that makes a good reputable contractor hard to find. I’ll bet you are looking forward to finding a local home additions contractor who has your best interests at heart; someone who has a strong desire to do their very best for you. Marc values the same feeling as well. That’s why he carefully screens and hires only the best employees and subcontractors for his client’s projects.

Marc makes sure, to the very best of his abilities, that his clients are always 100% satisfied with his home addition services. That’s why his clients are more than happy to refer him and his company to their friends and family.

Did you know the he does not do any traditional advertising for HK Construction? Yet his company is always booked and ever growing. Why is that? Because he believes that honesty is the best policy. Because he values long friendships and solid relationships. And since he loves family he treats all his customers as if he was working for his own mother. That is why most of his new business comes from referrals (word of mouth) from friends and customers. He also relies on his website being found naturally on the internet. This way he can show people what they can expect when working with him.

3) Your Home is Where the Heart Is

Poway room addition contractor video

Your home is important to you, so that means it’s important to us too. Whether you live in Poway, San Diego or anywhere in the greater San Diego area, (see list of all areas we serve) HK Construction is happy to perform all the professional home addition services that you need, easily and effortlessly. (Well, easy for you, that is. We work hard for you with lots of effort!)

4) Fast Service (within the scope of reason)

Marc deeply involves himself with every customer project. And so he will follow things through every step of the way from pre-planning to the final completion walk through. As a result of his great experience in construction and remodeling, Marc and his team will complete their high quality service in a reasonable timely fashion. With minimal disruption to your daily life others have claimed they hardly knew when they were there.

Marc and his faithful crew are in the home additions construction business for the long haul. Google his name, Marc Gieselmann. And then Google our company name HK Construction. Read about the A+ Rating on BBB. Read testimonials and watch video reviews of clients who are thrilled with his services.

5) Your Happiness

When you call HK Construction you will feel so good knowing you did all your diligent research and came to the right informed decision. Because you found your way through the murky waters of general contractors and came to the right choice for you. So now you’re confident about who’s the best Poway home additions contractor that you can find.

WARNING: Don’t call HK Construction until you’re sure you’re ready for an honest contractor. One who will care about your family as if they are his own. One who is honest and trustworthy to the core of his being. A contractor that will do what he says he will do, and then get it done right the first time.

Our construction team wants to help you feel confident in your decision on who you hire. As our client, you are on our team, and we are on yours. We all work together to make the best outcome for your home additions project. Because we believe your satisfaction in our service is a top priority! So when you are ready, then call for your free home additions consultation and price quote.

Home Addition Consult & Price Quote

  • You’ll enjoy the benefit of HKC’s 25+ years of construction experience, knowledge of construction costs, and personal assistance.
  • A qualified architect and/or designer to help prepare a set of blueprints to define and clarify your remodeling project without paying for a full blown set of plans.
  • As you move through the home additions design process HKC will make sure costs of construction are understood and we help the homeowner de-mystify and construction process.
  • Once complete, HKC presents you with a detailed proposal which includes a price quote for your home additions project design.

Process and Procedure

Covid-19 OSHA Safety Procedures for Home Additions

Moving forward, we supply an operating procedure which includes production managers, crew members, and general laborers. We have procedures in place for informing you about costs, timing, and schedules as we move though the construction process. We also take care of city permits and code inspections when applicable.

Your home, our project site, is your safe haven and we respect that. So that’s why our crews do their best to work quickly and efficiently and keep your place clean as we go along. Also, they secure your home when they are done working for the day; such as, if you’re not home they will lock up for you.

Since your satisfaction is guaranteed by our 5 Year Warranty on materials and high quality workmanship, you’ll feel confident in your choice of hiring HKC.


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House Addition Expansion Pros & Cons

Home expansion contractor woking on roof.

House expansion, also known as home expansion, home additions, and room addition home remodeling, is a popular topic in Poway CA. That’s because people who live in Poway tend to have a great sense of classic values in home ownership.

Unlike smaller projects such as paint or landscaping, a house expansion project is a larger permanent change to the home. Therefore it’s important to carefully consider the pros vs. cons of this process, from all angles, before hiring your home remodel contractor.


PRO: You Get What You Want

Unlike buying an old home and remodeling with paint and fixtures, a house expansion is more encompassing. You, along with your house expansion contractor, are starting from scratch. That way you get what you want right from the beginning.

For example, you might have an older house that was built one way then changed over the years by other homeowners. So this way you get what you are willing to accept.

But in contrast, a home expansion gives you space that you can claim as your own unique creation. Expanding your home is like designing a whole new house without the problems, time, and expense of building a whole new house.

PRO: Cheaper than Buying New Home

House expansion project by Poway Contractor HK Construction

Assuming you have a decent cost basis, home addition by expansion may be cheaper overall than buying a new home. Especially when you figure in moving costs, home expansion makes good sense.

Additionally, if you still love your current home but just need more space, then home addition is the way to go. Imagine leaving your lovely comfy home and moving to a new cold sterile house. Wouldn’t you rather “stay home” than move your home? For many people the emotional impact of moving outweighs the cost and process of expanding a home.

PRO: Easier than Moving

During a house expansion project expect some displacement of available space. It’s only a short term minor inconvenience of less space and some work crews doing their thing. This for most people is so much easier than the moving process; which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Throwing yard sales and parting with belongings
  • Sorting, boxing, and packing
  • Not knowing where your stuff is when you need it
  • Driving, flying, moving to new home
  • Remodel home to suit taste and/or function
  • Unpacking, setting up entertainment center, beds, furniture, etc.
  • Opening new utilities accounts, meeting techs to set up or install of services
  • Making new friends with neighbors
  • Kids starting in new schools
  • Starting new jobs, meeting new people

As you can see, sometime moving upsets the lifestyles and long term friendships of everyone in the household. So therefore staying put and remodeling your existing home is by far an easier choice.

PRO: Great High Cost-Value Ratio

House expansion usually pays for itself in the long run. Since adding more floor space (square footage) increases your home’s market value, then given enough time for real estate prices to rise then selling at a market peak, you could reclaim all your money and maybe even make a tidy profit as well.

House Addition Expansion Cons


CON: No Guarantee of Higher Resale Price

While some home expansion projects will increase your home’s value, others may not do quite as well on your local market. You should always consult with a home remodeling expert, such as HK Construction, prior to starting big projects to make sure if they’ll add monetary value.

CON: House Expansion Uses Property Space

Unless you are adding a second story, you will lose yard space by expanding your home. So if you have young children or pets that play outside, then they’ll have less space to enjoy outdoors. However, by making the yard smaller, you might recover time and resources due to maintaining less landscaping.

CON: Cost of Funding

Unless you can refinance your home, or have cash ready, then interest on a home expansion loan will probably cost more than a mortgage loan. What that overall cost is depends on your interest rate, time, and amount of loan. Do the math and see if the cost pans out for you.

Final Thoughts

If you want a home addition for enhancing your family’s enjoyment of your current home, then this is a good fit for you. Since the cost of financing a home addition expansion via home loans is very affordable with current interest rates as low as they are (at time of writing). Basically, you can focus on what would please your family the most. However keep in mind that when you eventually sell that home, certain expansions and improvement can either increase or detract from a future resale.

For example, a home theater room, or a swimming pool, or a massive workshop might be great for you, but not so great for some other home buyers. So definitely get what you want and enjoy it; just be aware that perhaps not everyone else will want that same thing too.

An HK Construction home addition professional consultant can guide you with these selections and decisions. We’re happy to give you the benefit of our long experience, and help you decide what’s best for you, your family, and for your budget. See our room additions portfolio for examples of our work.


Marc and Crew - HK Construction Poway Home Additions

Please feel free to use any of the methods on this page to contact us regarding your home additions and new construction needs. Ask about getting a free home addition consultation. We will respond to your request within 24 business hours.

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