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Setting out to find best contractor, and then choosing the best contractor in San Diego for your home remodel project, can be a long and difficult process. But it doesn’t have to be! So that’s why we’re making it a little easier for you by simplifying the process into 3 simple tips.

You want to find best contractor for your home remodel, but… While there are many reputable contractors, there are also more than a few who are looking to take advantage of homeowners to make a quick buck.

As you know, one of the biggest investments you will ever make is owning a home. Then after the high initial cost of purchase, sadly it’s common for homeowners to have little room in their budget for upgrades and renovations. So unfortunately they feel they have to resort to hiring a cheap contractor instead of the best contractor in San Diego they can find.

Many of these fly-by-night contractors are unlicensed and are not bonded or insured. Because of that such contractors have little to no fees and no overhead costs. So they are able to offer their services at a much lower price than an honest, reputable contractor. Initially the work done by these shady and unlicensed contractors might look great (although it might not). And you are happy that you saved money on the deal. However, over time the damage will show. And then you will waste more money trying to correct all the problems they cause.

3 Simple Tips for How to Find Best Contractor

Here are three simple and easy to follow tips for helping you in your search to find best contractor. Before selecting a contractor for your home remodel make sure they meet your qualifications as follows.

1) Do Your Research

Do your own research. Finding the best San Diego contractor should be easy because they’ll have lots of good reviews, a full robust website, and other presence online. Such as social media, videos, advertising, trade show events, etc.

Once you choose a few you like, then meet them in person and get to know them. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with them. Do they seem honest and trustworthy? Go with actual verifiable truth (licenses, insurance, referrals, reviews) and also your gut instinct. It’s important you feel confident in their abilities and safe in their presence because they will be in your home for many days, maybe even weeks while they complete your construction project.

2) State Licensed vs. Unlicensed Contractor

While a handyman doesn’t need a state contractor license to perform simple repairs and installations, a person doing major renovations does require a state contractor license. So make sure your prospective contractor has all his licenses and insurance ready too show you before they begin your project. Not during, and certainly not after! You don’t want them to get going then find out halfway through they are in over their heads and don’t know what they are doing.

Even worse, what if they get to the end and the work is shoddy, misfit, and doesn’t pass code inspection? What a nightmare! And so you can avoid all the hassle, time, and expense by doing a little checking up on them prior to hiring.

3) Reviews and Referrals

Ask them for reviews of their work and verify. Such as a reviews that has a contact name and phone number. Talk with a few previous clients who are willing to discuss their experience doing business with the contractor. Bonus points if you can meet them in person and see the work first hand. This is truly the best way to find best contractor.

Online reviews are good too. Sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Nextdoor, and Facebook offer verifiable reviews.

Referrals are the absolute best, especially if they come from a friend whom you trust. Or maybe a neighbor, or a friend of a friend. You get the idea. Word of mouth is still the best way to find the best San Diego contractor. Have you heard that bad news travels 10x faster than good news? It’s true. So then of you’re hearing lots of good news and very little bad about a certain contractor then that’s a really good sign.


Finding the best contractor is easy as long as you are prepared. By following the action steps above, and these articles full of tips for San Diego homes, you’ll save time, money, and hassles in your search.


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Best Contractor in San Diego HK Construction member in good standing with NARI and BBB.