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Decks and Patio Covers HK Construction San Diego

Have you ever thought of adding a deck onto your second story master bedroom? Or how about a patio cover over your existing back yard patio? HK Construction can design a door system at the exterior wall and rework the structure to have access to your new fire resistant deck system.

Safety First

So many San Diego homes reside on hills overlooking the valleys below. And these valleys are covered in brush. So as the seasons turn this brush dries out and become a fire hazard. Many homes are lost to fires that come around hills and thru valleys. Often times homes ignite due to poor material choice of patio covers and dried wood from decks.

And so this is why HK Construction specializes in using lumber for decks and patio covers that is fire retardant. We can use wood or better yet a man made composite called TREX. Reducing risk of your home burning down is very important to us. And hopefully it is to you as well! So there are a variety of different products to choose from. And we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your individual situation.

Looks Second

Usually people want the looks to be first. And with our work it is to the casual first glance. But you and I know that safety came first. Because we have the best deck and patio cover materials available. So you decks and patio roofs are safe for you, your family, and your guests. And we’re betting that makes you feel pretty good. Because it does for us too!

Free Quotes

Decks are best quoted in person. Because no two decks are the same. Each one is a custom construction project. So call us. We’ll come over at a time that works for you. Show you some samples, and measure some things. And then give you a price. It’s just that easy. Honest and for real.


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