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Business Office Remodeling San Diego

When a customer enters your office for the first time, they make an immediate impression about the quality of your business. If your office space is cramped, cluttered and dated, it can affect your customers’ perception of your business. Remodeling your office space to make it more customer friendly and attractive is a good investment in your business. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Whether you are a business owner looking to increase sales and productivity, or a property manager wanting to rent a vacancy quicker for a higher rent, business office remodeling makes good sense.

There are designer perks to working from the comfort of a newly remodeled professional office that is both a current style and highly functional. You want to have a nice work space and still make sure your customers and co-workers are comfortable as well. The office space that you work in can have a big effect on employee productivity and your customers’ impressions of your business. Let us help you organize a room that catches the eye and empowers you to get your job done with pleasure; quickly and efficiently.

If your office space has limited functionality, your employees’ productivity will be limited. Do your employees waste valuable time crowded around the only printer that is located down the hall? Does the high noise level in your office make it difficult to connect effectively with customers on the phone? Is employee work space limited and cramped? Is the motif outdated? Is the furniture worn and shabby looking?

If you are dealing with any of these issues in your office, a carefully designed remodeling project can make a huge difference in the productivity level of your workers. If you are a property managers then you know that making such changes attracts higher rents and lowers vacancy rates.

Plan Ahead for a Successful Office Renovation

Smart planning in the early stages increases your chances for a successful office renovation. Proactive planning can be very helpful in sidestepping the headaches that might otherwise plague a remodeling and/or expansion project. Follow these five steps to help the renovation process flow smoothly.

Step 1: Identify Goals
To solidify specific project goals, answer certain questions and address areas of concern upfront. These include:

  • Reasons behind the office renovation. (e.g. updating infrastructure systems, installing new technology, upgrading finishes, new tenants, changes to the function of the space, a desire to enhance aesthetics)
  • What issues will affect the schedule of the project? Will work take place while the building is occupied, or will it involve phased moves?
  • What is the budget for the project? Does it include all available funds; has any money been left for contingencies?
  • What outside entities (e.g. regulatory agencies, property managers) will the renovation team need to deal with during the course of the renovation?
  • What are the quality expectations for various aspects of the office remodel? Can the budget realistically support these expectations?

Step 2: Hire the Best Contractors

One of the most crucial elements in a seamless office remodeling renovation is having the right project team for the job. The first step is to find the best qualified, reputable general contractor with experience in business office remodeling. Involving the general contractor early on will ensure accurate test-fit budgeting and maximize cost efficiency. Drawing from extensive field experience, contractors can give valuable input on the project’s preliminary budget. They also can validate the feasibility of early design concepts and perform project analysis before a design is finalized or construction begins.

When soliciting proposals for the San Diego general contractor, it’s important to look for firms that are experienced in the specific type of renovation work that the project entails. During the interview process, ask for specifics on budgets, schedules, and change orders for the contractors’ past renovation projects. Be sure to obtain references from past clients and check them carefully.

Step 3: Timeline for Completion

A misconception is that, because renovation work involves an existing building, it should be quicker than new construction—but that’s not always the case. The key to an effective project schedule is to keep it realistic.

A schedule should be developed after careful evaluation of all issues that drive the timing of a specific project. Start with the date that the renovated space must be ready; work backward. Be sure to allocate sufficient time for each project phase. The goal of the project schedule is to keep the renovation flowing smoothly without sacrificing the quality of construction work or going over budget. Delays to the schedule resulting from unforeseen existing conditions have the single largest impact on an office renovation project. Any new project issues that pop up should be addressed and resolved as they arise so that any obstacles that could compromise the remodel schedule and/or budget are dealt with immediately.25 year Anniversary HK Remodel

Best San Diego Business Office Renovation Contractors

HK Construction is your best choice for San Diego office remodeling. We work together with you and bring only the best, most skilled contractors to your project for creating the right type of space you need for your office space. All work is done to code, in a timely manner, with minimal intrusion and at very reasonable rates. Call us today for a free office renovation consultation and on site price quote.

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