Loft Construction in Homes

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Loft Construction in Homes There are many types of lofts. Some are apartments while some are old industrial space to living space conversions. But in this blog we won't be discussing those. We'll be talking about loft construction in homes. This type of loft conversion is our specialty! We love converting high vaulted ceilings

Bathroom Remodel Horror Story

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She thought her bathroom remodel was going well until THIS happened… The other night at a party my friend introduced me to his friends. She began telling me a bathroom remodel horror story about a contractor she hired to remodel her bathroom. I had not yet told her that I’m a remodel contractor. She

Kitchen Styles

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Difference between Modern and Contemporary Kitchens Even though people interchange the terms “contemporary” and “modern”, the two kitchen styles are actually quite different. Learn the different nuances between the two and discover which kitchen remodel works best for you. Modern Kitchen: Style Modern kitchens follow strict guidelines. When I think of modern kitchen styles,

Deck Contractors

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New Deck Construction Great for Front Porch Backyards, Pools, Upstairs Bedrooms, and More! Virtually all houses need a custom deck building project at some point. It could be for the backyard, second story bedroom, swimming pool deck, or some other area close to the house. Even though there are probably a lot of DIY

Room Additions: Adding Bedrooms

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Adding Bedrooms to Home vs. Moving In order to meet the growing demands of your family making alterations to your home could be a good idea. A growing family usually needs more bedrooms. If you still like your home but find it too small, then investing in your current home is a great idea.

Bedroom Addition: Choosing the Best San Diego Contractor for You

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Bedroom Addition Contractor While there are plenty of reasons why homeowners might want to add a new bedroom to their property there’s always one thing in common: The need for a trained professional bedroom addition contractor. You’ll want to choose a trusted remodeling contractor who is very experienced in bedroom additions. One who has

Internal Room Additions

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Internal Room Additions Internal room additions are great for adding more usable living space inside your San Diego home. Create more bedrooms, an office, or add a bathroom. Lots of possibilities! There are a variety of reasons such as growing families or change of needs. So you make sure your house supports all the

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