Loft Construction in Homes

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Loft Construction in Homes There are many types of lofts. Some are apartments while some are old industrial space to living space conversions. But in this blog we won't be discussing those. We'll be talking about loft construction in homes. This type of loft conversion is our specialty! We love converting high vaulted ceilings

Loft Conversion

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Loft Conversion for More Living Space A loft conversion involves taking an empty unused space in your home and transforming it into a usable room. Homeowners needing more living space can turn their vaulted ceiling into a bedroom, gym, home office or storage space. Loft Conversion sample image courtesy iStock. Compared to

Loft Conversion Cost

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Loft Conversion in Vaulted Ceiling Adds Living Space Many homes with second stories have high ceilings over the entry way, or the living room and dining room. Maybe you have a home like this or know someone who does. Did you know we can transform that open space into additional living space? Or maybe

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