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Loft Conversion for More Living Space

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Loft Conversion for More Living Space A loft conversion involves taking an empty unused space in your home and transforming it into a usable room. Homeowners needing more living space can turn their vaulted ceiling into a bedroom, gym, home office or storage space. Compared to the cost of building a typical room addition,

Room Additions: Raising the Roof on your House to Add more Rooms

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Adding a vertical second-story addition to a single-story home is an efficient approach to managing your needs of increasing your living space. You can potentially double the square footage of your home (based on home design) and acquire more space without relocating. Most people are content with their homes but want more space, and that’s

Loft Conversion 2nd Story Interior Room Addition

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HK Construction has vast experience with over 150 interior 2nd story room additions - also known as loft conversions. Many families that bought 2nd story homes with high ceilings over the living rooms and dining rooms have called upon HK Construction to put in new floor systems which transformed that open space into offices, game