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Room Additions: Raising the Roof on your House to Add more Rooms

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Adding a vertical second-story addition to a single-story home is an efficient approach to managing your needs of increasing your living space. You can potentially double the square footage of your home (based on home design) and acquire more space without relocating. Most people are content with their homes but want more space, and that’s

Deck Contractors

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New Deck Construction for Backyards, Pools, Upstairs Bedrooms, Front Porch and More Virtually all houses need a custom deck building project at some point. It could be for the backyard, second story bedroom, swimming pool deck, or some other area close to the house. Even though there are probably a lot of DIY materials to

Plumbing Choices to Consider in Home Remodeling

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Remodeling a home means having choices and making decisions. So if you're planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or add a new room, be prepared to spend an endless number of hours looking at options and making final selections. When it comes to cabinets, faucets, light fixtures and floor coverings, there are a lot of

Adding Bedrooms to Current Home vs. Moving

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In order to meet the growing demands of your family making alterations to your home could be a good idea. A growing family usually needs more bedrooms. If you still like your home but find it too small, investing in your current home by remodeling and adding bedrooms is most likely a better value than

Decks and Patio Covers

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Decks and patio covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Have you ever thought of adding a deck off your second story master bedroom or upstairs sitting space?  HK Construction can design a door system at the exterior wall and rework the structure to have access to your new fire resistant deck system.

2nd Story Additions over Garages

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Over the years we have found that one way to add space at your existing residence is to put an addition over your existing garage.  This type of addition lessens the impact on your family during the construction phase.  Along with that, most times your plumbing, water, heating and cooling systems are located or are

Special Needs Home Remodel Additions

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HK Construction also works with our special needs clients in developing bathrooms that need more room for walkers or wheel chairs. Ramp systems Railing sytems installation of special walk in tubs/tub systems wider bathrooms- room conversions hand rails lowered sinks/counters wheel chair accessible designs pocket doors       HK Construction can redesign showers to

About Marc Gieselmann

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Marc Gieselmann is the owner and founder of HK Construction, a popular and trusted San Diego home remodeling company. Marc Gieselmann has been a contractor for most of his adult life. Always building things, he started by building a loving family with two children, now grown and successful on their own. He is active