Bathroom Remodel Horror Story

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She thought her bathroom remodel was going well until THIS happened… The other night at a party my friend introduced me to his friends. She began telling me a bathroom remodel horror story about a contractor she hired to remodel her bathroom. I had not yet told her that I’m a remodel contractor. She

Top 10 Ways: Select the Best Bathroom Vanity for You

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Best Bathroom Vanity Selection Guide The bathroom vanity is more than just the sink-cabinet-mirror combination. It's the showpiece of your bathroom. Here are the Top 10 things to consider when searching for the best bathroom vanity for you and your home. 1) Size Matters Width is important. It has to fit the space available.

Bathroom Remodel

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Any type of bathroom remodel, any time. Everything from your standard common remodel to your complete custom rebuild. Remodel your bathroom with easy access designs or upgrade your bathroom with new modern fixtures. Bathroom remodel and upgrade ideas we have for San Diego homes include: Custom cabinets for vanity and linen areas Soaking tubs

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