Do you need to expand your current business location? Or make better use of your floor space? Are you moving into a new commercial building that is just “okay” but not quite exactly what you need inside? Then consider calling HK Construction. Because we can build into your commercial building whatever you need.

Business Remodeling San Diego HK Construction

With business office remodeling you can have the office or client meeting room of your dreams!

Business Remodeling Construction Services:

If your business is rapidly out-growing your current location you might want to consider building in to make better use of your existing work space. What if your are moving to a new location and want to remodel to suit your needs? If you score on the perfect location and the rental price is right but not the features you want then we can help you with that.

  • Walls, Half walls and Dividers
  • Reception counter
  • Meeting room
  • Offices
  • Storage rooms
  • Loft with stairs
  • Project rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Drop ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Electrical mods for heavy industrial use
  • Any other custom application, just ask!

Commercial Construction Contractors

When moving into a new commercial building, we often find ourselves with large rooms that would be better if they were split into two. However, in other cases, we might like to change up the space we have to add more rooms. This could be from the need to expand your space without moving to a new building. To accomplish this, you need a professional company that can skillfully partition your room to suite your needs. At HK Construction we have specialized commercial construction contractors who are very experienced in working with commercial properties.

Did you know…

Did you know your customers have a negative perception of your business if your office space or sales floor is cramped? It is a good investment to remodel your office and retail space to make it more attractive and customer friendly. Therefore happy and comfortable customer will spend more and come back more often. Also they may leave good reviews and refer their friends.

We provide unmatched quality services in commercial renovation work. Our team of pros have deep knowledge in the latest materials, design specifics, and current trends in the local San Diego marketplace. We will remodel your office to fit the current style with the goal of enhancing sales volume, adding more comfort, and enhancing worker productivity.

Business Remodeling Today

Our skilled team will make sure your project is complete in a timely manner and at a cost-effective price. And with a lowest level of distracting activity possible. In most cases your business can remain open while we are renovating.

Remember, a business remodeling project can make a huge difference in your sales volume and in the productivity level of your workers. Such changes could also add more daily enjoyment in business ownership. So contact us today for a free business remodeling consultation and price quote.


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