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Home expansion contractor shows Top 10 Best Bonus Room Over Garage ideas for adding more rooms with room addition Poway contractor service.

Building a bonus room over garage is very popular with homeowners looking to expand their home in a cost effective way.

When you have a bonus room over garage there are many ways you can use it. That’s entirely up to you. However, in order to properly add official square footage to your home a room must have a designated purpose and design to CA pass building codes. So that’s where we come in!

The reason why we’ve made this Top 10 list of bonus room over garage ideas is for your information. Obviously you can load anything you want into your new empty room. But you probably want your new room up to code AND properly listed as having an extra bedroom, or ADU, or game room, etc. By so doing, your home’s value will increase by virtue of proper titling and listing.

Also, when you know exactly what your room will be used for then we can build it with those special needs as part of the design.

Top 10 Bonus Room Over Garage Ideas and Uses

1) Bonus Flex Room

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A bonus flex room is a multi-use flexible space extra room for multiple possible uses. For example, codes will typically require that a bedroom have a window and a closet whereas a bonus room may have different requirements depending on its intended use. Although you can certainly use your bonus room as a bedroom, it might not meet the legal listing for a bedroom. That is, unless it is your intended use and we built it as such. So basically, a bonus flex room can be anything you want it to be.

2) Bedroom

Bonus room over garage bedroom example, photo courtesy iStock

Bedroom example, photo courtesy iStock

Here again, for the county to consider a new room addition a “bedroom” it must have at least one window and one closet. Also, a bedroom addition must have a set number of electrical outlets, usually one per wall, but not always.

3) Home Office

Home office bonus room over garage in Poway, CA.

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Many room addition clients want their home office to begin the code process as a bedroom. And we agree that is a smart way to go. Having a closet, and a window are great in a home office! In this example, you may want to consider having a few more electrical outlets installed for your convenience. Hardwired Ethernet cables and connection boxes are handy too.

4) Kids Playroom

Kids and Teens Having Fun in New Loft Space

Let’s think safety! Since we’re talking about a bonus room over garage there will be steps leading to the second story. So we need to keep the little tykes safe! Here’s some ideas:
Soft steps (as in carpet and padding, hand rails, and multiple landings (instead of a long straight flight). This way, in the unfortunate event someone fall down the stairs then it’s only 4-5 steps to a landing, not 12-13 steps all the way to the bottom.

A kid’s playroom will also benefit from extra storage. Storage space such as extra closets and built in cabinets are nice.

5) Exercise Room

When exercising climate control for your comfort is super important! We can tie into your existing heater and AC and enhance them for the increase in load as necessary. Or we can add these items for you if they aren’t already there. Ceiling fans and ventilation are also very important as well. You may want more windows than a regular bedroom. Or perhaps less if you are very private. Let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen for you.

6) Guest Room or Airbnb

A guest room addition is best starting out as a bedroom addition, at least as far as the paperwork goes. Depending on whom your guest(s) will be they may want some extra amenities over what a regular bedroom has to offer. Some things that come to mind are, for example, a separate entry, separate climate control, and running water. So a sink or maybe even a bathroom would be a great addition here.

7) Attached ADU

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a stand-alone single-family home. An ADU can be attached to your home (such as a bonus room over garage) or a free standing unit on your property. ADUs go by many different names throughout the U.S., including accessory apartments, secondary suites, and granny flats. So therefore, an ADU might be one room or multiple rooms depending on the size of the garage you are building over.

ADUs have specific laws and codes and zoning to follow that go beyond a bedroom addition or a simple bonus room over garage. But don’t worry, we’ll figure all that out for you and make this as easy as possible for you.

8) Studio Apartment

A studio apartment can have many functions. Such as a guest room, temp rental like an Airbnb, or a permanent on-going rental unit for tenants. Generally a studio apartment is 2 rooms; a big combo bedroom/kitchen/living space, and a single full or ¾ bathroom. This too has its own zoning and code requirements.

9) Game Room

A game room addition sounds like fun, right? Think of all the possibilities! Also think about expanding into whatever new game interests you might have in the future. Probably best to start the paperwork as a bedroom. Then build in necessary gaming items. You’ll want to have plenty of clean power and abundant outlets if you’re into computer gaming or watching sports on a big screen TV.

What about a bar? Liven up the festivities with a wet bar and cooler. Make room for a pool table too! Or any other gaming tables you may want to play on.

10) Storage Room

This one is absolutely the easiest to do. Storage can be a no frills big empty space. Or it can be more complex with closets, cabinets, and other custom storage space as needed. You dream it, we build it!

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