So you’re wondering if HK Construction is the best contractor for you. And it’s a good thing to wonder. Because when you wonder, you dream. And so that means you’re learning many new things. And all the things you can learn, leads you to the right conclusion.

5 Great Reasons to Choose HK Construction

Best San Diego Contractor HK Construction

Marc Gieselmann with some of his crew members.

1) Family Values

First of all Marc Gieselmann (the owner and founder of HK Construction) built his business in a way that makes his mother proud. He’s a family man as well. His kids grew up in Poway where he still resides.

Are you aware that HK Construction is a community leader in San Diego since the early 1990’s? From charity work caring for military families in need at Camp Pendleton and Miramar Naval Airbase to sponsoring local Little League softball teams for the kiddo’s. So it’s clear that Marc really cares about all the wonderful people in this beautiful city we live in.

2) Honest Contractor

I’ll bet you felt offended by the lies of contractors. So have we along with many other good people. Because there are a lot of shady characters in the field of general contracting. And they make a good reputable contractor hard to find. So if you are reading this right now and nodding your head “yes” then that means you are looking for someone who is honest and of value. And I’ll bet you are looking forward to finding a San Diego contractor who has your best interests at heart; someone who has a strong desire to do their very best for you.

What if I told you that Marc does very little advertising? He doesn’t need to. It’s true. And he’s been thriving in business since 1992! Most of his new clients come from word of mouth referrals. His very best new clients are friends and neighbors of people he’s remodeled for in the past. Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why he and his company were named Best General Contractor in Poway by GC Magazine in 2021.

You know how this works. Family, friends and neighbors see or hear about remodeling and construction being done at the client’s home (or place of business). When they see how good it turns out they feel inspired to start on their home remodeling projects.

Marc makes sure that his clients are always 100% satisfied to the very best of his abilities. That’s why his clients are more than happy to refer him and his company to their loved ones. You wouldn’t refer a shady dishonest contractor to your loved ones, would you?

3) Your Home is Where the Heart Is

Imagine the sense of joy and pure elation as you step into the newly remodeled area of your home, seeing how great everything looks and pick up the refreshing scent of the newness of everything; feeling fresh and new. You can recall a similar event, can’t you? Like that new car you drove home with great pride or maybe that soft new leather jacket that felt just right as you eased into it. Yeah, that’s right.

Your home is important to you, so that means it’s important to us too. Whether you live in Poway, San Diego or anywhere in the greater San Diego area, (see list of all areas we serve) HK Construction is happy to perform all the professional home remodeling services that you need, easily and effortlessly. (Well, easy for you, that is. We work hard for you with lots of effort!)

4) Fast Service (within the scope of reason)

Can you recall a horror story about a contractor who started on a job, tore it all apart, and then disappeared with all the money never to be heard from again? Leaving the poor customer in a lurch and stressed to the hilt about what to do next? It’s a sad fact that happens to people who do not properly research and vet a general contractor before inviting them into their home AND then paying them astoundingly large sums of money upfront.

Marc deeply involves himself with every customer project. And so he will follow things through every step of the way from pre-planning to the final completion walk through. As a result of his great experience in construction and remodeling, Marc and his team will complete their high quality service in a reasonable timely fashion. With minimal disruption to your daily life others have claimed they hardly knew when they were there.

Marc and his faithful crew are in this business for the long haul. Google his name Marc Gieselmann. Google HK Construction. Read about the A+ Rating on BBB. Read testimonials and watch video reviews of clients who are thrilled with his services. You can even meet him and his kids for lunch if you want to! He’s a real guy who’s in this business more for the relationships he builds with the fine people in his community rather than a quick Buck-N-Dash like other shady contractors.

5) Be Happy!

When you call HK Construction you will feel so good knowing you did all your diligent research and came to the right informed decision. Because you waded through the murky waters of all the dizzying choices of contractors down to the right clear choice for you. So now you know who’s the best San Diego contractor for you and your home remodeling project.

Don’t call HK Construction until you’re ready for an honest contractor. One who will care about your family as if they are his own. One who is honest and trustworthy to the core of his being. A contractor that will do what he says he will do, and then get it done right the first time. So all remodeling projects are wonderfully complete with high quality products perfectly done by professional San Diego contractor crews.

HK Construction San Diego – Specialty Home Remodeling Best Contractor

There are so many ways you’ll love your newly remodeled home after HK Construction made it perfect for you.

We serve all of San Diego, South County, East County and North County. See an expanded list of all the areas we serve. For more information or a FREE estimate on home remodeling or new construction services, call 858-748-6580.


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