Wheelchair Ramps for Home and Business Entrance

Wheelchair Ramps for Home and Business Entrance 2014-10-08T16:17:17+00:00

wheelchair rampEntrance ramps for wheelchairs for ease of entrance at your place of business and other types of home entrance ramps for convenience are very common today. The designs and selections available to make them a natural piece of your home or business are endless.

There are many types of ramps available today to suit all kinds of users and their needs. Selecting the right type of ramp demands some careful thought and planning. The prices also vary greatly from type to type. Keep in mind a structure might require more than one ramp.

Wheelchair ramps are divided into three broad categories: permanent wheelchair ramps, semi-permanent wheelchair ramps and portable wheelchair ramps.

Permanent Wheelchair Ramps

These are constructed permanently at a business entrance where a ramp is either required by law or needed for access by handicapped individuals. Another instance is perhaps at a residential home where the owner or a family member is handicapped and needs a wheelchair ramp.

Though concrete is the best choice for some ramps, wood and steel can also be used to construct them. These ramps might require a building permit and so before getting them built, one must check with the local authorities regarding the permit.

It is always advisable to construct railings on these ramps for greater convenience and safety of the users. Cost of building these ramps depend on the incline and length of the structure. The more the length, the greater would be the cost. There is a maximum limit of steepness in permanent wheelchair ramps; therefore one cannot install extra steep inclines just to reduce the costs.

Semi-Permanent Wheelchair Ramps

These ramps are meant for temporary use. They are used either at temporary structures to make them more easily accessible to everybody (for example, exhibitions or fairs) or at places where a large number of wheelchair users are expected to arrive (for example, an event for the elderly or the disabled).

Concrete is considered permanent and unmovable so this material would not be best to build these ramps. The most common materials used are wood and steel. Though steel ramps are sturdier and stronger, they are more expensive and heavier to move. The choice between wood and steel should be made keeping these factors in mind.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

These ramps offer the greatest independence to those using wheelchairs, since they can be carried anywhere. Portable ramps can be folded into small portable sizes and can be easily carried along with oneself in one’s wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The most popular material used in these ramps is aluminum because it is strong and cost effective while also being lightweight. Since the height to be climbed would differ from place to place, these ramps must be bought according to the heights one is most likely to face on a daily basis.

For example, if one has to visit places on a regular basis that does not have mobility ramps, then one could buy a portable wheelchair ramp to carry with them in their vehicle to be used as needed.

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