Wheelchair Ramp Builder for Home Entrance

Entrance ramps for wheelchairs at your home are very common today. Their are many designs and selections available to make them a natural piece of your home appearance.

Wheelchair Ramp Builder San Diego HK Construction

Wheelchair Ramp Builder San Diego HK Construction

There are many types of ramps available today to suit all kinds of users and their needs. Whether injury, meeting business code requirements, or Grandma aging in place, we can build the best wheelchair ramp for you. Selecting the right type of ramp demands some careful thought and planning. The prices also vary greatly from type to type. Keep in mind a structure might require more than one ramp.

Wheelchair ramps are divided into three categories:

  1. Permanent wheelchair ramps,
  2. Semi-permanent wheelchair ramps,
  3. Portable wheelchair ramps.

Please Note: We only do major construction projects and large scale home remodeling. We are not a handyman service so we don’t do small simple tasks. Which is good for you because paying a general contractor to perform a lower price handyman service is not cost effective for you.

Permanent Wheelchair Entrance Ramp

These are constructed permanently for access by handicapped individuals. Though concrete is the best choice for some ramps, wood and Trex decking are also  good choices. These ramps might require a building permit and so before building check with the local authorities regarding the permit.

It is always advisable to construct railings on these ramps for greater convenience and safety of the users. Cost of building these ramps depend on the incline and length of the structure. The more the length, the greater would be the cost. There is a maximum limit of steepness in permanent wheelchair ramps; therefore one cannot install extra steep inclines just to reduce the costs.

Large permanent wheel chair ramp construction is something that we do quite well. So call for a free onsite, in person price quote.

Semi-Permanent Wheelchair Ramp

These ramps are best for temporary use. For example, a temporary structure for exhibitions or fairs, or at places where you expect a large number of wheelchair  users to arrive. Concrete is a permanent and unmovable so this material is not a practical choice. The most common materials are wood and steel. Though steel ramps are sturdier and stronger, they are more expensive and heavier to move. Keeping these factors in mind should help guide your choice between wood and steel.

Depending on the size and on the materials used it depends on whether HK Construction is right for your custom needs. So please call with your specific requirements and we’ll talk about it.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

We do not supply portable ramps. But we are including the info here for your convenience. Since these ramps transport and set up easily anywhere, portable ramps offer temporary convenience. Portable ramps can be fold into small portable sizes. Therefore they are easy to carry along with oneself in one’s wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The most popular material used in these portable wheelchair ramps is aluminum because it is strong and cost effective while also being lightweight. Remember that climb heights differ among locations. So choose a height one is most likely to face on a daily basis. For example, if one has to visit places on a regular basis that does not have mobility ramps. In this case a person could buy a portable wheelchair ramp to carry with them in their vehicle to be used as needed.

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