Shocking Ways Remodel Contractors are Tricking Women

Shocking Ways Remodel Contractors are Tricking Women 2013-11-05T17:15:49+00:00

Women love to keep their home clean, beautiful and a functional safe haven for their family. Hence, many women look out for renovation and home remodel contractors that can assist them in making their home look better than before. However, not all contractors are honest and provide the same level of transparency that you might expect.

Unfortunately there are many scams artists in the general contracting field. You may have heard of unethical individuals who pose themselves as honest professional contractors and trick women by underhanded selling of shoddy workmanship against a big amount for the work they do. In this brief article we’ll show you some of their tricks and why you should avoid them.

The Top 5 Shocking Ways Contractors Trick Women

1) Better Start Today or Someone Will Get Hurt
Shady contractors know that they need to get more projects in order to earn more money and they usually scare tactics on women clients to get things done easily. These people exaggerate the situation and will convince you to give them the projects instantly. For instance, if there is a crack in the chimney the shady contractor might scare you into thinking that the crack can cause your entire roof to cave in falling on your family! A reputable contractor will offer you a reasonable assessment of the situation showing the chimney needs some repair work.

2) Needing Upfront Payment in Full before Starting Work
You should be hearing warning bells when a contractor tells you that he will need 100% upfront payments before beginning the renovation and remodeling work on your home. A professional, honest and reliable contractor will never do that because they have accounts with their suppliers. While it is common that contractors do ask for a 20% or 30% down payment when they sign a work agreement, they never ask for full upfront payments.

3) Offering Exceptionally Low Bids
Professional contractors have material suppliers, dealers, work crews, etc. and they have to pay them a fair price or wage. A stunningly low bid is going to attract your attention; however, you need to know that an exceptionally low bid is a red flag because there are certain costs involved that can not always be met by charging a super low price. Expect to find cut corners, low quality materials and poor workmanship in order to meet that extra low price. And that’s if they get the work done at all!

4) Saying they Love Last Minute Changes
Women love additions, improvements and upgrades. Shady contractors are well aware of how to convince such clients of needing expensive additions after getting started on a home renovation project. “Wouldn’t a bigger window there would look great and offer more light?” Well, this sounds like a great idea but not when all your work has been done. Making changes in the middle of a construction or renovation project can make things expensive for you as work has to be undone and redone to accommodate the new plan. A professional contractor will devise a plan right at the start of the work and tell you how much it will cost you, how much time it will take and how they will proceed.

5) Too Many Projects in Play at the Same Time
Women prefer to hire someone that has lots of projects going, shows the contractor is in demand and successful. Well, con artists are really good at doing that and they come up with an excuse to be in your house only for an hour or so while they should be there all day completing your remodeling and renovation work. A professional contractor has a working supervisor that looks after the job being done from beginning to end. So, if the job drags the contractor still has to pay the supervisor for all the days this become’s in contractor’s interest to finish the job as soon as possible.

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