Room Additions for Seniors Aging In Place

Room Additions for Seniors Aging In Place

The term ‘aging in place’ describes older people living in their residence of choice as they age, while having access to the services and/or accommodations they need. It’s essentially establishing a sense of security for seniors that don’t want to leave their homes.

When people get older, there’s always issues looming over their heads. The most common may be the place they currently live. Older people may not want to relocate to suit their special needs. The prospect of moving elsewhere is tiring since they’re essentially packing up everything and moving to another setting.

Having to readjust to your new surroundings, in addition to having to arrange work, life, or other commitments may be too much for them. There’s also the possibility of having to move to a nursing home, a place that might not be an optimal choice for most people. Instead of having to move, however, elders can now age in place.

Room Additions for Seniors Aging In Place

More seniors are expected to start aging in place as the economy continues to slowly improve. Not only is it easier for seniors to age in place nowadays, but it also saves time and money from searching for a new place to live. So if you need a company to help you renovate your property to accommodate elders, HK Construction can take care of the job.

New Room Additions

A few points to consider when deciding what type of room addition is most suitable for you.

  1.  If your home has enough yard space, then it may be more economical to have a room addition built onto the same level into the front, back or side yard; whichever applies best.
  2.  However, if yard space is limited, one may need to build up, adding a second level.
  3.  Another option to consider is internal expansion by removing a section wall to join two inside rooms into one larger room.

Here’s a very helpful article explaining the Top 3 Room Addition Tips that you need to know.

Room Renovations

Aging in place commonly involves some form of room remodeling or renovations. As we get older, there are some things we might not be able to do anymore. As an example, a senior may need renovations with different support systems to accommodate their aging bodies.

Such as:

  1. wider pathways,
  2. wall railings,
  3. softer and/or slip-proof flooring.
  4. Bathtub walk-though
  5. Lower counter heights
  6. Ramps and other easy entry access

Many room additions for seniors aging in place feature designs that help lower the risk of injury, thus making their home a safer place to live.

Room remodeling is generally cost effective. HK Construction currently offers services that we ensure are beneficial to the foundation of your home, while being cost efficient to your budget. We care about seniors who need room additions and/or modifications to their property, so we want to make the process as simple as possible.


We’re very easy to work with and upfront about everything, including all the steps involved in a home remodeling project. After meeting with us you’ll have all the facts about adding bedrooms that you need. So you’ll have clear information for making some big decisions.

So please contact us with your questions. Or even if you want a free quote on home remodeling services. We’re always happy to help!

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