Room Additions Tips from a San Diego Remodel Contractor

Room Additions Tips from a San Diego Remodel Contractor 2012-10-28T13:44:10+00:00

When homeowner needs more space, they often consider building San Diego room additions. But, how should you build your room addition? For example, if you have a single story house, do you build outward or up into a second story? Often the question you must answer is what makes more sense both feasibly and financially. In most scenarios, homeowners find it more economical and practical to add room additions on the same level rather than build a second story. This especially makes good sense if you have adequate land to accommodate the addition.

Room additions are an incredible strategy to freshen up and modify the layout of your residence. They may be also fantastic approaches to increase the square footage and value of one’s dwelling and make a seemingly common flooring program stick out. Your remodel contractor needs to thoroughly inspect your existing foundation to ensure it can support room additions, including one being built as a second story. In addition, a local building inspector, architect or foundation contractor should be consulted.

Depending on the type of construction, certain concrete footings and foundation requirements may need to be used. A second story addition may need additional foundation and/or footings since what is typically built for a single-story home may not be substantial enough.

Understanding the Room Additions

This kind of remodeling job can range dramatically in scale. Knocking down an interior wall to extend a room is one example. But adding a sunroom, game room or another completely new space onto a home fits the description as well. Essentially, if the house remains largely intact but the space is upgraded and expanded, then it is probably considered an add-on room addition.

Raising the Roof on San Diego Room Additions

Obviously, you’ll need to take off your roof if you decide to build a second story addition. By having a portion of your roof dismantled for a period time increases your vulnerability to weather, including rain, heat and wind. If you decide to add a story, you must hire a very experienced San Diego remodeling contractor who has done a project of this complexity. The project requires expert control and will take significant time and skilled labor. HK Construction has been doing this type of room addition remodeling for over 20 years.

A second-story may be your best option if you need more space in your home and don’t want to move. For example, you may not have enough land to accommodate building out. Local building codes also enforce how much of your available yard can be devoted to buildings. If you decide a second story addition makes sense for your home, then call us for a free onsite estimate. To set an appointment call HK Construction at 858-748-6580.

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