Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cheap Contractor

Is hiring a cheap contractor really a good deal?

Is hiring a cheap contractor really a good deal?

There are hundreds of books and articles on how to save thousands of dollars by hiring a cheap contractor. Is cheaper always better? Most exaggerate the amount of savings and the ease of doing things along with the associated the risks and difficulties involved. You are sure to come across some success stories when hiring a cheap contractor. Let us try to get to the bottom of the truth and if it is really worth it to hire a cheap contractor and make all those savings while compromising on quality of services.


The only ‘pro’ of hiring a cheap contractor is that you save some money… at first.

It’s wishful thinking to believe that anyone can do the job on the cheap and that it’s okay to find a cheaper contractor of lesser experience. The truth is it takes time to develop the essential skills required in a good contractor. After all it is not easy to plan and manage a building project and stay clear of any costly mistakes.


Your cheap contractor might bill you less but he just cannot have the skills to do the right planning and preparation because of his lack of experience in construction. Thus you can expect more than average share of unpleasant surprises and unexpected problems to crop up and these can actually add to your costs and wastage of time at the end of the project, or worse yet, years down the road. So the better the planning and with a more experienced contractor, fewer will be the mistakes and unexpected costly surprises.

Advantages of Hiring a Quality Contractor

An experienced contractor brings a wealth of knowledge and that can make the whole process go smoothly. You will in fact be making some good decisions that will prove to be good in the long term. This will save you much money and many headaches later on. One is sure to get quality work and better results because the experienced professional team knows what materials to use and essential building details that will stand the test of time. The quality contractor will actually save you money as he knows how to manage the work efficiently without adding extra costs.

The list of issues can just keep piling up with an inexperienced and cheaper contractor. You could avoid most of these problems by hiring a reputable and experienced company like HK Construction for the task. With an experienced contractor by your side, you can be sure that he will avoid most of the problems because of his expertise and better planning, and your project is sure to go smoothly.

Poway based HK Construction & Remodel can help you make some real savings as you get the best of both worlds. Our construction team is experienced and has competitive prices in the industry. So choosing HK Construction will make you feel more confident and ensure that your projects are in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced team of home remodeling construction contractors.


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