Business Office Remodel of Vista Motorcycle

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HK Construction Renovates Local Landmark Vista Motorcycle

HK Construction, a San Diego remodeling contractor, renovated the office of local landmark Vista Motorcycle in June of 2012. Vista Motorcycle is a favorite repair shop among San Diego’s North County motorcycle enthusiasts since 1979.

VistaMotorcycleRepairShopMarc Gieselmann, the owner of HK Construction and a fellow motorcycle enthusiast, was personally on site for the office demolition. “It was great working on this job. I mean, these guys have been open since 1979 in the same location. It was desperately in need of an up-to-date make over,” said Gieselmann.

Concerning his remodeling company being chosen for the task, Gieselmann said, “I’m glad my company was selected for this project. Usually I send my crew on jobs, but I just had to be on this one myself. I love motorcycles. Seeing this project through has been fun and rewarding for me.”

Located at 1155 S. Santa Fe Ave in Vista CA., Vista Motorcycle Repair has been a favorite local repair shop of both street and off road motorcycles that’s seen three generations of customers.

HK Construction was called upon to renovate the office in a way that updates the look and functionality while still retaining the friendly feeling that the popular motorcycle repair shop customers have come to know and love.

HK Construction began by removing the old 1970’s style fake wood grain paneling and replaced it with fresh new drywall. Nothing was left out; even the popcorn ceiling ceiling was scraped and received new drywall.

Next, HK Construction brought in an electrician to replace the old out dated light fixtures plus the wall switches and electrical outlets. Then in the central shop area, a plumbing contractor updated the air compressor pipes throughout the repair shop to local code.

“It’s nice to be part of their renovation and growth. Since Vista Motorcycle is now under new management, I expect we’ll be seeing lots more exciting things coming down the line for their customers,” Gieselmann said with a knowing smile.