Home Remodeling for the Elderly Aging in Place

With many seniors now choosing to live in their own home or move in with their children
instead of a nursing or rest home, the challenges of a possible 3 generation home are

It is important for seniors to be able to live actively in the home yet still manage to have
convenience and safety features that would usually be found only in a managed elder
care facility.

“Aging in Place” is the catchphrase nowadays for the process in which seniors can live
in existing homes remodeled for their specific needs. HK Construction has mastered
this type of remodel and can be consulted at (858) 748-6580.

The home remodeling services for the elderly include but are not limited to:

  • Sunken showers with a zero threshold which allow for less of a degree in leg bending and far less of any chance of a slip and fall
  • Wall mounted sinks which can be placed at any height reducing a need to stoop over for those with posture issues
  • Bench seating and grab bars in showers allowing movement while reducing the risk of a fall
  • Raising dishwashers or lowering cabinets and sinks which allow for those with wheelchairs to access amenities or supplies in the home or allowing seniors to access dishes without stooping or bending over
  • Widening doorways which better allows for wheelchair access to all areas of the home


There is a recent trend developing into a vast need for quality home remodeling to
assist seniors living in the home. HK Construction is a pioneer and leading authority in
the area of home remodeling for the elderly. You can arrange for a remodel construction
consultation at HKRemodel.com or by calling (858) 748-6580. Most
inquiries are responded to within 24 hours.