With many seniors now choosing to live in their own home or move in with their children instead of a nursing or rest home, the challenges of a 3 generation home are daunting. It is important for seniors to be able to live actively in the home yet still manage to have convenience and safety features that would usually be found only in a managed elder care facility.

Home Remodeling for Elderly Family

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Aging in Place

“Aging in Place” is the catchphrase nowadays for the process in which seniors can live in existing homes remodeled for their specific needs. It’s the ability for seniors to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably. HK Construction is an aging in place construction contractor.

Please Note: We only do major construction projects and large scale home remodeling. We are not a handyman service so we don’t do small simple tasks. Which is good for you because paying a general contractor to perform a lower price handyman service is not cost effective for you.

While retirement communities can be a good option for many seniors, it’s not always the best option for most. Families that love each other should stay together. So that’s why we here at HK Construction love building granny flats! The subject of aging in place is one of special interest to us. Because we love our families both young and old. And we respect our elders too. That’s how we were brought up. So it’s important to us to keep our loved one safe and close by.

Home Remodeling for the Elderly

There are 3 primary stages of home remodeling for the elderly. They are:

  1. Active and healthy, no urgent needs: This group includes elders who want to stay in their current home. They are active and healthy, not experiencing immediate or extreme health or mobility issues.
  2. Progressive condition-based needs: Chronic or progressive conditions that requires special modifications and attention. These people are usually aware of their needs but meeting them is not necessarily urgent. Many have chronic conditions such as diabetes and lung/heart disease that may be frustrating and challenging but are not immediately life threatening.
  3. Traumatic change needs: This group includes those who have an abrupt or immediate change that demands adjustments in the living environment for aging in place. Such as major home modifications or universal design.

Each level comes with its own unique needs and challenges. So you can count on us to be there for you. We can guide you though these difficult life changes with the right level of home remodeling for the elderly.

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Listen, we care deeply for our families and for the future of our great country. Those whom we care for were the ones who instilled our love of life and liberty. So we do our best to honor and care for them. So that’s why we care so much about aging in place. Therefore we respect your same thoughts and feelings on taking care of your loved ones. It’s just THAT important!

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