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Remodeling a Fireplace or Comfort

Personal Style Home Remodeling – Creating Your Own Unique Living Space
While it’s fun to speculate on what trends will be showing up on Pinterest and high-end home magazines, it’s not fun spending tons of money on home remodeling today that goes out of style tomorrow. So we’ve put together a smart list of areas that are timeless home remodeling points of interest that never go out of style. That’s because they are based on your own personal style, wants, and needs, plus some other timeless sage advice.

Room Add In vs. Room Add On – Home Remodeling Projects
Exploring options when considering whether to add in to existing room or build and entire new room add on. If your family is growing and you are feeling the squeeze then this article is for you.

Home Office Renovation
Creating a home office is fun and easy with San Diego home office renovation contractor HK Construction.

Living Room and Family Room Remodeling
Do it yourself living room remodels are easy enough. But if you want more than a simple DIY project offers then it’s time to seek a general contractor for professional home remodeling services. So here are some great home remodeling ideas for you to consider. Ask for free quote when you’re ready to start.

Zombie Apocalypse House Design | Prepping and Preparing
A fun light-hearted home remodel ideas article intended as humor and sarcastic satire. Or is it…? Be it truth or fiction, you decide.

Creating Home Office Space: Conversion vs. Addition
Should you remodel an existing room into a home office space conversion or build a new room addition? Here’s 7 Factors to consider before deciding.

Plumbing Choices to Consider in Home Remodeling
List of plumbing material choices to make when home remodeling. Because we like to help guide our clients on the best choice to fit the right application.

Plumbing for Home Remodeling: CPVC vs. Copper vs. Steel
Plumbing choices to consider when remodeling your San Diego home. CPVC Pipes vs. Copper and Galvanized Steel for water piping.

Flooring Options
When choosing the best flooring for you, the goal is selecting a flooring that holds up to the primary use and amount of foot traffic the area receives. Plus, you must find it appealing. So we’ll explore five of the most popular flooring materials to help you better narrow down your choices. Here are the Top 5 Flooring Options that we recommend, and why we think they are the best.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022
About the new blue shade, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a dynamic periwinkle blue with a violet red undertone. Pantone Color of the Year 2022.

Viva Magenta – 2023 Pantone Color of the Year
All about Viva Magenta 18-1750, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023. A vibrant shade rooted in nature, igniting joy, creativity, and strength. Unleash your passion and bold expression.

Laundry Room Addition
Discussing what you’ll need for your new laundry room upgrade. Whether it’s an add-in, build-out, or loft addition we can put your new laundry room wherever you want it!

Bonus Room Over Garage Top 10 Home Expansion Ideas
Building a bonus room over garage is very popular with homeowners looking to expand their home in a cost effective way. Covered are home additions such as bonus flex room, ADU, guest room for Airbnb, game rooms, and so much more!

ADU Construction FAQ: All About ADUs
Discover the benefits of building an ADU in Poway, CA. Our comprehensive FAQ guide covers everything you need to know about regulations, construction, and more!

Patio Enclosure
Imagine stepping into your new patio enclosure room addition, a haven of serenity right within the confines of your home; a space where you can relish the beauty of the outdoors without compromising on comfort. At HK Construction, we bring your dream of an enclosed patio to life, offering a unique blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and tranquility. Let’s explore the myriad benefits and possibilities that come with embracing the charm of a patio enclosure room addition.

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