Home Office Space – Is Conversion Better than Addition?

Home Office Space – Is Conversion Better than Addition? 2013-10-04T10:59:28+00:00

To be clear, this article is about the CONVERSION of “existing” space in your home to energy-efficient office space. There are plenty of strong reasons why you should choose home office space business transformation rather than build a completely NEW addition to your residence. This can include, but is not limited to:  Garage conversion, loft conversion and bedroom conversion into office space.

For example, the basic cost of building, or new construction, is much higher than remodeling (room modification). Consider, for instance, that a completely newly constructed home room addition also creates the need for higher energy expenditures. In other words, when your whole house becomes bigger, so does its associated repair, maintenance, heating, and cooling cost.

Not to mention that new construction can call for much more complicated building permit requirements. The regulations vary according to industry, profession, or specific locale and can oftentimes represent a fair amount of confusion for you.

Yet, even if you were only doing this for property resale value reasons, home office space conversion still ranks high on the list of things that improve the worth of residential real estate next to kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

A home office space conversion can become your greatest business asset, because of:
– Additional business and personal tax advantages;
– Increases in residential resale value;
– Travel time and distance savings;
– Convenient working conditions.

Ironically, however, even a renovated room for business operations can still become subject to local licensing and permit laws.


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