Do you work from home? You already know the great feeling that the only traffic you encounter on your way to the office is your pet walking too slowly in front of you down the hallway. Sure the commute is fast and easy, but working from home is not always simple. There are a lot of distractions. So you need a space where you can focus on your work. Not just a corner in the living room or spread out on the dining room table. You want someplace with 4 walls and a door. So this is when home office space conversion becomes important.

Creating Home Office Space Conversion vs. Addition

Home office space conversion vs. new room addition.

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So then the next question is should you remodel an existing room into a home office space conversion or build a whole new room addition?

That depends on several factors. Such as:

  • Budget
  • Time
  • Floor Space
  • Yard Space
  • Government Permits
  • HOA Regulations
  • Taxes


A room addition costs anywhere from $5,000-$50,000 (or more) depending on the size and scope of work. Whereas an existing room remodeling is significantly less.


Do you need it now? Or can you wait a few months. A remodel is faster than a new room construction.

Floor Space

Do you have space that you can allocate for home office use? Such as a spare bedroom, garage, oversize living room, or other room? These are examples of easy home office conversions. If you have high vault ceilings then we can create floor space out of thin air with a loft conversion.

Yard Space

If you are considering a room addition then you’ll need enough yard space to build on. Or if going up with a second story then you’ll need vertical space. Is there enough room? Will your second story conform to local codes? Is your second story addition going to cause legal problems for you if it blocks a neighbor’s view? These are important issues to consider before building.

Government Permits

Generally speaking, room additions require more permits than interior room remodeling and renovations.

HOA Regulations

If your neighborhood has an HOA then be sure to include them in your decision making process. They will tell you what you can do and what you can not. So this one tip could possibly save you lots of time, money, and frustration in regards to your home remodeling plans.


While not a major issue it does bear mentioning. Any improvements to your home will increase its market value. As your home value increases so does you property taxes. So you’ll want to budget accordingly.

Need More Info

Obviously there’s far more to consider when making your decision about home office space conversion vs. room addition. Hopefully the list above gives you some food for thought and new insights to think about.

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