General Contractor in Scripps Ranch

Finding a Trustworthy General Contractor in Scripps Ranch

A Woman's View on Finding the Right Home Renovation Contractor

People in Scripps Ranch CA make sure their home is perfect so their family can relax and spend quality time together. It should look great and have functionality that can help me and the family live a happy lifestyle. This is why I believe homeowners should look for the right home renovation contractor. Such as someone who can carry out successful renovation that makes the home look great inside and out.

Money Matters

Since you handle the finances of your house it is therefore important that the general contractor in Scripps Ranch does not over charge for their services. So it’s always a good idea to find a home renovation contractor that can show you services they provide and the rates that they charge. Because this will help in finding the right contractor that fits your budget.

Check Them Out First

Scripps Ranch Remodeling Contractor HK Construction is Member of NARI and BBB

Many consumer agencies claim that fraud and consumer dissatisfaction run rampant through the home improvement sector. That’s because these homeowners are unclear or unsure about the work that their contractors are doing. Being a wise person you need to be extra cautious about whom you hire and therefore may prefer to get some recommendations first.

People should do their due diligence. Conduct background checks, read reviews, talk to friends. Find out more if the contractor has a history of lawsuits, credit standing with suppliers, and any problems in licensing history. (See A+ rating on Better Business Bureau for HK Remodel.)

It is also important to find out whether the general contractor in Scripps Ranch conducts business with transparency. Do they provide all the details upfront to keep you informed about the renovation project? They should!

Pick a Contractor and Talk to Them

Home Remodeling for Family

Happy Family! Photo: iStock

If you have ideas on how you want to renovate your home then you should call a home renovation contractor. That way you can discuss their previous projects. Then you can be sure that the contractor has the experience and expertise to handle your home renovation project with ease.

HK Construction & Remodel is one such company. They have vast experience in many facets of home remodeling services. So call them to today to discuss your project, unique needs, and special concerns. There’s no obligation, just chat and go from there.

The Importance of Your Project Foreman

Best Contractor for Your Home Remodel

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The foreman on your project should have good project management skills. This is necessary because they deal with a large number of people involving the coordination of construction tasks. Contracting is a dynamic process with lots of moving parts. For example, the ability to follow the plan is going to result in a favorable outcome. Conversely, not following the plan and making mistakes will waste precious time, funds, and energy.

A general contractor in Scripps Ranch has knowledge about and access to all sorts of different products, materials and technologies. Be really clear and upfront with all items that want. Because hiring the services of the best general contractor in Scripps Ranch has the potential to make your home remodel project stress free.

7 Quick Tips for Success

  1. Begin on your project with a positive mindset,
  2. Have a clear understanding of what you want and need,
  3. Find the best contractor for you,
  4. Consider all your choices,
  5. Stick to your budget and time frames,
  6. Maintain an open level of communication with your contractor,
  7. Work with your project foreman for best results.

Following the above tips will help you find happiness with the home remodeling process. For more information contact Marc Gieselmann at 858-748-6580.

General Contractor Scripps Ranch Home Remodeling

Remodeling your Scripps Ranch home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Beyond everything you have to consider, the hardest choice is where to begin. And then the next hardest is figuring how to fit all the project components together to ensure you are completely happy with the outcome. And finally, getting it all done within your desired time frame and your budget.

Finding the Best General Contractor in Scripps Ranch

Finding the best general contractor in Scripps Ranch you is not always an easy task. That’s because not all contractors dedicate themselves to the work. Also not every one of them will give exact quotes. A good general contracting company can’t possibly be merely any one person. In contrast, a good general contractor coordinates all the people and moving pieces because you’ll need a team of specialists in various fields of construction.

If you don’t know anyone who has used the services of a general contractor in Scripps Ranch, then do your own research, look for someone who specializes in the projects you require, set up a meeting with them and view their work. You will be relying on this company to achieve maximum results for you. So you need to develop trust early in the relationship. Therefore be completely open and honest with your communication together on the home remodeling project.

Discuss in detail the overall professionalism of the general contractor to get a better understanding of their work ethic. Also talk about your expectations, timeline and budget. Then go over the various choices available to you in your Scripps Ranch home renovation project.

Why HK Construction is a General Contractor in Scripps Ranch You Can Trust

Scripps Ranch Remodeling Contractor Marc Gieselmann with some of his crew members.

Marc Gieselmann with some of his crew members.

Scripps Ranch is a beautiful place to live filled with many very fine homes. Like our many other happy Scripps Ranch contractor clients you probably want a contractor who understands you and your desires, and you want the job done right the first time.

What makes HK Construction & Remodel stand apart from other competitors in Scripps Ranch, Poway and other surrounding areas in San Diego, CA is the fact that the owner, Marc Gieselmann, manages the entire project. This ensures quality of service and completion of job in the time agreed upon with his customers. Marc understands that the only way to gain the trust of customers is by ensuring their satisfaction; that for him is the real benchmark of success.

That’s why so many of our best clients are in Scripps Ranch; they know that we deliver excellence. And like you, they won’t settle for anything less either.

Honest, Affordable, and Dependable

  • Honest: We do what we say we’ll do. We don’t cut corners or lie to gain a job. Because it’s just not worth it in the end. Not for us or for you the client.
  • Affordable: We’re in this for the long run. We work efficiently and buy materials in bulk to keep our costs low so we can pass those savings along to you.
    We fix low cost contractor’s blunders all the time. Paying us to fix a cheap contractor’s mistakes adds to the overall cost you’re paying for the job. Because this is after you’ve already paid the cheap contractor who now won’t return your calls. Not so cheap on option anymore, is it? So by hiring us as your first contractor we’ll get the job done right the first time. By doing so you save all the added costs, hassles and future headaches.
  • Dependable: Goes back to being honest. If we say we’ll be there at a certain time to perform a certain task, then we’ll be there and we’ll do it. You can count on it. That’s just good business.

In Business Since 1992

HK Construction is based in Poway, CA. We began as a general contractor in Scripps Ranch in 1992. Since then we’re continuing in a simple straightforward manner and keep our clients well informed at every stage. The client is well aware of the issues arising and the solutions applied. He is also aware of the type and value of these resources being used in the project. With HK Construction, you get the feeling of making the right decision right from the start.

HK Construction offers you services for complete home remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms, room additions, etc. We do new home construction as well. What makes our team the best: We are caring with a professional attitude along with vast knowledge and experience in our craft. Most of our clients feel at ease and confident in their presence.

HK Construction Reviews from Scripps Ranch, CA.

HK Construction offers a wide variety of construction services that can be custom tailored to satisfy customers’ specific wants and needs. Our team of contractors and construction service professionals are all carefully selected based on their proven reputation of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and their professional manner.

One of the many satisfied customers in Scripps Ranch is happy she called HK Construction. Karen B. recalls how she enjoyed a “personal level of service”:

“The remodel contractors at HK Construction are awesome. There was a problem so I called Marc at HK Construction. After we talked he showed up at my front door less than an hour later. We talked over the problem then he sat down at my table with a notepad and his phone. He made a bunch of calls right there on the spot and got another contractor to come over the following morning. I know my job was kind of small but it was important to me. And it was important to Marc too. I highly recommend their personal level of service to any one.” – Karen B. Scripps Ranch, CA

Read more reviews and testimonials of our work here.

What happens when you call HK Construction

  • You can get an appointment for a free consultation. Marc Gieselmann and his team are very courteous and punctual. They invest time in understanding what you are looking for.
  • A team member will visit your home and look closely at your needs and projects. You will get an estimate of the time and costs keeping an eye on your budget.
  • Once you give the go ahead, a project manager will schedule the work and order necessary materials.
  • Marc Gieselmann will frequent the site ensuring that everything is running in proper order and work is complete on time. He likes to personally see to it that the project is moving according to your needs and the contract.
  • The office staff and team have regular contact with you at all stages.
  • Once the project is complete you inspect and approve the work with the project manager. At this time, if necessary, you may prepare a list of final touch-ups, any clean-ups, etc.

So now your project is done on time professionally, and most importantly, within your budget. When you bring in HK Construction as your Scripps Ranch Remodeling Contractor you enjoy top quality, great professionalism, and also affordability too.


Company: HK Construction Company, Inc.
Owner: Marc Gieselmann
Location: Poway, CA.

Phone: (858) 748-6580

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NARI Member and BBB A+ Rated

HK Construction is a general contractor in Scripps Ranch and a long time NARI member in good standing. So you know we are the real deal. Additionally we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Because we believe your satisfaction as a customer is our top priority!

Loft addition images from HK Construction San Diego, Member NARI and BBB A+ Rating

HK Construction is Member of NARI and BBB