Garage Conversion

Garage conversion is popular in San Diego due to people expanding their living space on a budget. Such as growing families desperate for extra living space, to those looking to add a fun family game room.

Top 10 Most Popular Garage Conversions

  1. Bedroom (with bathroom)
  2. Home Office
  3. Large family room
  4. Playroom for younger children
  5. Game Room / Man Cave
  6. Home Cinema
  7. Business Workshop
  8. Craft Room / Studio
  9. Home Gym
  10. Airbnb Rental

Since you will be sacrificing your garage for the newly renovated space the impact is going to vary. But depending on your circumstances and location it’s probably a great trade. If you have enough alternative parking then it won’t trouble you too much. If you’re converting garage storage into your new room then maybe an external storage shed will give you back what you lost. See our garage conversion images for more ideas.

Blending In

How you design your garage conversion is very much up to you. My tip is to imagine the room as complete. See where the furniture and fixtures are then work backwards from there. Since you want your new space to look like it belongs then our team will help make sure your new room blends in seamlessly. We’ll do our best to match overall design, decorations, wood types, wood grains, stucco, and match paint colors.

In my opinion it is always worth going that extra mile to ensure things like the internal door and skirting boards match existing parts. If necessary heating and AC can be separate, for example by installing under floor heating of a window AC. Or if possible HVAC can tie into the existing duct system.

What’s the Cost?

Garage Conversion: Cost v Price. Know the difference!

Basically, the bigger you go the more it costs. So budget accordingly. But know there’s a difference between cost vs. price. Cost is how much you pay over the entire span from upfront price through long term ownership. Price is how much you pay in dollars for the upgrades.

For example, if you hire a cheap contractor and your garage conversion is incorrect then you just wasted your money. Because the overall cost is steep when factoring in time, frustration, effort, and paying another contractor. Although І respect the fact that everyone needs to make the most of their cash these days we need to make smart choices. That’s why we always strive to do the best job for the most economical price that fits your budget. So that the long term cost is very appealing and a great deal for you.

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