Exterior Home Remodeling Tips and Ideas

Exterior Home Remodeling Tips and Ideas 2015-08-17T16:17:19+00:00

Exterior Home Remodeling San DiegoExterior home remodeling can be a fun and rewarding experience. It does not have to be hard, expensive or overly complicated. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for you to consider when you are ready to start your next exterior home remodeling project.

A good strategy for planning is to simply start from the roof and work your way down around the perimeter of your house, finishing up with your foundation, garage, then your yard, gardens and finally the sidewalk if you have one.

To get the best bang for your buck in the easiest fashion, below are some of our most popular exterior home remodeling suggestions.
Going from the top of your house down:

Roof and Gutters
Pressure wash your roof, repair any damaged tiles or shingles with a color matching material and for heaven’s sake clean your rain gutters! If your gutters are metal you can paint them too

Exterior Window Shades
Exterior window shades are made in several different sizes and materials, and can be easily mounted to the outside of any window or used on your porch or patio to make them usable throughout the day. In addition to keeping the heat from the sun from warming your home, the shades block up to 92% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing possible skin damage or color damage to rugs and upholstery inside the home.

Wood Shutters
Wood shutters are a wonderful thing for houses. They create a uniform look for the windows. The good thing about wood shutters is that they really help cover up a lot of the window’s flaws, like making small windows appear larger and create a theme that connects all the windows. So if you have a small window that bothers you or if you have a very large window that seems to be too big in contrast with the other windows, wood shutters will help solve that.

Exterior Home Painting
Home owners know that choosing paint colors is a nerve-wracking yet critically important decision. Ready-mix paints have been available since the middle part of the nineteenth century and from that time home owners have had to choose their colors without really knowing how their finished home will look. After all, a two inch paint chip looks very different from a 3,000 square foot house!

  • Here are some tips for painting the exterior of your home:
  • Light colors “advance” a home while dark colors cause it to “recede”. This means that lighter shades will make your home appear larger and closer to the street, while darker shades make your home seem smaller and further away. If you want your house to blend in to its environment and be less noticeable then a darker hue is best.
  • If you want your gutters and downspouts to be less noticeable, paint them the same color as the house.
  • Make sure any mildew problems are solved before painting anything. Test suspicious spots with household bleach and if they change color, you definitely have a mildew problem.
  • Moisture problems must be eliminated before painting. If they are not, water will ruin even the best paint job.
  • Get expert help. Our exterior home painting consultants are familiar with paint types, styles and the color combinations that will compliment your home, personal tastes and match your lifestyle.

Exterior Home Lighting
Everyone’s home needs some sort of outside lighting. Whether it’s to help you get the key in the lock at night, for security or to emphasize some of your favorite garden features, outdoor lighting is a simple exterior home remodeling upgrade.

Your driveway goes a long way toward enhancing the overall appearance of your home. Sometime all a driveway needs to look near new again is a simple cleaning. Soap and scrub brush. Or maybe a pressure wash. Then properly repair any fill any cracks and holes.

Trim, mow, clean and rake. Makes for an inviting area that improves the home. Go a few steps further if you want to. Plant flowers, bushes, paint and/or repair a fence or go the distance and put in a new walkway.

Exterior home remodeling can range from simple and free all the way to expensive major upgrades best left to the professionals. If you are ready to get going on an exterior home remodeling project but not sure where to start, or if you need some helping hands to get it done, give us a call. Always happy to help you in any way we can!