Many homeowners are looking for fresh and exciting ways to spruce up their homes. One of the most common renovations is a custom wine storage room. Wine connoisseurs and those who simply enjoy a nice glass of wine can enjoy the benefits that a dedicated wine room will bring.

Custom Wine Storage Room

If you have particular tastes and want a specific style then we are the premier service for you!

Custom Wine Storage Room

HK Construction is a full service design, remodel and construction company in Poway CA. We can install your custom wine storage rooms such as wine cellars, wine cupboards or even entertain in your very own wine tasting room.

We provide a range of stylish and affordable wooden wine racks for our clients to choose from as well as many different wood stain types and configurations available. No matter the size, we can install an efficient and affordable custom wine storage room. Our highly skilled construction consultants will determine the best options that are suitable for the space you wish to convert.

With a wide range of options from the type and color of wood you want, to the exact dimensions you want the space to be, our custom wine storage rooms have countless options that can be molded to meet anyone’s requirements. HK Construction can supply any choice and installation of the lighting, doors, ceilings, art, and wood you want in your wine cellar.

Function and Fashion

Custom Wine Storage Room Construction San Diego

Wine cellars and custom wine storage rooms add function and a sense of trendy fashion to your home. Great for private enjoyment and entertaining friends. Plus they add monetary value to your home too. After installing one you can expect your home to increase in value. Because perspective buyers are always looking for something fresh and unique when buying a home.

A wine cellar will also act to keep the wine fresh and robust. Good wine goes bad with improper storage. Especially if kept in the daylight at wrong temperatures. With a custom wine storage room you can keep wine fresh for years without having to sacrifice quality or taste. Having a wine cellar in your home will distinguish you from your peers and create an atmosphere of style and taste.

For your custom wine storage room needs consider HK Construction for the design and installation process. We’ll be with you every step throughout the process and will never make a decision without your direct input. For the most reliable and high quality wine cellar installation company in San Diego, contact HK Construction.

About HK Construction

We are a custom home building and construction remodel company based in the San Diego, CA area. Whether you’re looking for a wine storage room, loft conversion or a second story addition, there are a variety of construction and remodeling services that HK Construction provides in order to meet a wide range of requirements. Call (858) 748-6580.