Bathroom Remodeling

A fresh bathroom remodel is something the whole family can enjoy. So finding the best bathroom remodel contractor in San Diego is probably at the top of your list.

Shower Remodeling

Custom Shower by Bathroom Remodel Contractor in San Diego HK Construction

Today’s modern bathrooms are more of a rest-and-relaxation experience than a mere restroom. So current trends actually seek to optimize the functionality and use of a bathroom beyond traditional designs. You can satisfy both the practical necessities, and extra features that really create the look and structure you need.

Family members sharing a common bathroom can mean a lot of additional wear and tear on fixtures And greater demands on plumbing lines too. So with many users there may be lack of space for supplies and toiletries. And so that’s why we like to help you plan your new bathroom design.

Remodeling a bathroom will improve the functionality of your home. The bathroom remodel can also increase its sale value. So let’s get going on the best design for you right now!

Whether you need to update your current shared bathroom, or are considering the addition of another bathroom to accommodate your household, HK Construction will address every need inside your budget and within your time frame.

Popular Bathroom Remodel Trends

Some of the most popular trends in San Diego bathroom remodeling include:

  • Bigger windows
  • Skylights
  • Over-sized showers
  • Steam rooms
  • Dual vanities and sinks
  • Vertical storage
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Relocating the toilet
  • Heated floors

Since many of these trends are actually smaller renovations then that brings an instant boost to the bathroom without breaking your budget. Read more bathroom remodeling tips, tricks and ideas here and advice about bathroom remodeling here.

Expert Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Remodel Contractor in San Diego: Marc Gieselmann with some of his crew members.

Bathroom Remodel Contractor in San Diego: Marc Gieselmann with some of his crew members.

We understand seasonal changes and growing family needs. So that means our expert team will craft your bathroom remodel in a seamless transition from start to finish.

If you desire to make your dream bathroom remodel a reality then it’s time to contact HK Construction today. When you call ask for a free consultation and price quote. And then our friendly team will create an honest and fair quote that provides what you need for the right price.

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